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Lori Tucker
By the way, the certain glow/characteristic that us locals from Ellensburg look for in a blue is a definite PINK glow from the center of the blue agate. Blue agates from most other locations lack the distinct pink hue characterstic of the Ellensburg Blue.
Lori Tucker
I have a lot of what I call "wanna be's" because they aren't quite Blue's under the standards for Ellensburg Blue Agates but your collection is definitely one to be desired. I'm impressed to say the least. I look at the so called Ellensburg Blue's on ebay and it makes me want to go through my hundreds of pounds of rocks that I put in my storage shed and list them for sale too. Maybe I set my own standards too high as far as being a true blue goes. Hehehe. I have a lot of what I thought were decent blues but the local jewelers say they are "grey's" not worthy of being a true blue. Funny thing is, they're bluer than most of the ones on ebay. I just can't bring myself to list something as an Ellensburg Blue Agate that is actually a grey and not a blue. My honesty probably costs me a lot of money but at least I go to bed with a clear conscience all be it a broke one.
Hey Lori,
Thanks, I wish mine were E- blue!!!!
I know what you mean. The one you listed looks fake or dyed compared to all the others listed, lol! Of course I know it isn't, it's a fantastic agate!
I can't help but keyword spam a few of my agates so the E-Blue crowd know they exist.
Lori Tucker
Thank you so much for your appreciation of my E'burg Blue. It really means a lot to me coming from you. That is incredible that the fellow haggled for 10 years and finally got to buy the Blue he wanted for only $1,000 at that the size of stone. I wonder what the quality of it was? Mine sounds pretty puny in comparison.

I don't know anything about the "Lost Blue" or its value. Is there a website I can go to to learn more about it? I love to learn everything I can about things I know nothing about, especially agates of any sort. I try to defy the age old saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks". Obviously they'd never met a Rock "hound".

I'm an agate junky. When I go E'burg Blue hunting I bring home every agate I find, not just blues. Not only agates but crystals, jaspers, carnelian, actually any pretty, cool, weird rock I see that catches my eye. That's why I have hundreds of pounds of rocks in my shed.

Every few years I grab some buckets, bags, or boxes of my rocks out and start looking just for heck of it and am amazed at how many times I brought them home and didn't even clean them up to see what I had, which is usually the first thing I do. So I clean a bunch up and low and behold if I don't find some blue in there I didn't know I had. It's like getting to go Ellensburg Blue hunting without paying for gas to get there! Haha.

Lori Tucker
I just bought my first vibratory tumbler, Thumlers Ultra Vibe 18. Can anyone with experience using this particular tumbler tell me the best grits to use for agates and about how long I should run each stage? Also, where is the cheapest web site to purchase the grit? Thanks.
Lee Bates
Every woman that lives in Ellensburg WA wears a beautiful Ellensburg Blue ring or pendant. I love to collect it but it is difficult to work since it is so hard. The Geology college professors in Ellensburg at Central Washington University have studied Ellensburg Blue in great detail and can answer any questions. At the Table Mountain Star Party, I met a woman who just found a brick sized piece of Ellensburg Blue worth thousands of dollars . I told her I would cut it for her and tell her what it was worth. She said she did not care what it was worth, was going to put it in her garden and did not want to cut it. She was a Doctors wife. She found it while peeing off the side of the road. I drove up and down the road looking for my piece and even peeing but found nothing. I prefer Holley Blue over Ellensburg Blue since it is not so hard, is easy to work and has a beautiful lavender tint.

Lee Bates
Hi i am new to the site and wanted to know about a beautiful blue agate with bans running through it . It is about the size of a softball , and i fond it in Montana on the Yellowstone river where I am from It is the most beautiful agate i have ever found
Lori Tucker
Hi Kathy:
Welcome to the site. I would love to see a photo of your find. If you can't upload it to the site you can email it to me and then maybe I can help you with gaining information about it. Hopefully other members more familiar with the area that you found it in might also respond. I'm in Ellensburg WA but will do what I can to research for you. Again, welcome.
Hi Here is a picture of my big blue rock
sorry but Iam having problems uploading pictue ,not sure how to do it , any suggestions
Lori Tucker
I too couldn't figure out how to upload when I joined. That's why I suggested the alternative to just email me a photo. In the meantime, I was trying to research blue agates from Montana and the Yellowstone river. As far as I have found so far is that they are rare. Montana being best known for it's wide variety of Moss Agate. I look forward to a photo of yours. My email is
Sandy B
Hey Lori Tucker, I have barrels of grit.
I sell it for $5.00lb. I have 80/100, 220, 400, 600, 1000 in graded or not graded.

There is a thread on mcrocks about tumbling has lots of good info. I cut a lot of Montana moss and have been collecting on the yellowstone river. A group of us will be headed out to the river collecting again the first week of Sept. Water level low and sand bars exposed. I have about 600lbs of the stuff and still collect it. It's the thrill of the hunt I suppose.

I use montana and agate scraps as a medium instead of plastic pellets or wood chips.


Lori Tucker
Thanks for the info Sandy. Unfortunately it would not be too cost effective to pay the shipping on heavy grit. I did purchase a package deal locally of small containers of 4 different grits. It was about $20, ugh! But with the vibratory tumbler it takes much less than with the rotary. I think I'd be better of visiting a local sand/gravel pit and scooping up a little of various sizes of sand for free! I'd love to see any photo's you care to share of some of your Agates. Thanks again.

It's $10 for a small Priority mail flat rate box. I believe there is a 70 lb. weight limit. That's a lot poof grit for a measley $10...
Jay Loch
You grit lovers would sure like Whiskey Island in Cleveland! Its the depository for the barges on Lake Erie. Theres one silcon carbide mountain thats over 50 ft tall! Another is around 30 ft tall and 500 ft wide. Theres also Taconite pellets in various mntns, one section has been there so long that there are 20 ft trees growing in the sides! Theres lots of railroad workers kids grew up with silicon carbide sandboxes and plenty of Taconite pellets for the slingshots!
Tom K.
I'll try to explain how I post photo's here.

First the photo you are posting MUST be available for public viewing or it WILL NOT post.

Select the photo you want to post and right click on it.

Click on "properties".

You will see the "URL" for the photo which should have a "jpg" as it's last characters.

Highlight the URL and right click on it.

Click on "Copy".


In the message here that you wish to post the photo click on the small icon above that looks like a picture frame.

Right click on the "information" box and click on "paste".

Then click on "OK" and your photo should be posted.

Hope this helps,,,,

Tom K

Sandy B
Hi Tom K, Thanks for the advise. I am going to try to post. Hopefully I will have a test picture when I post.

Thanks Sandy

Sandy B
ok I will try it again as you can see it obviously didn't work.
Sandy B
Ok, I can't do it. I do know how to follow directions really I do!

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