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ken carpenter
I have purchased Tim Fisher's excellent OreRockOn CD with localities. However, I was interested in finding petrified wood in the areas between Eugene and Crater Lake as well as any place between Bend and Portland. I have noticied references to 2 localities: Lookout Point Reservoir and The Dalles. Any feedback on these and other locales would be appreciated. I am heading out there with my family this Wednesday 8/8.
jay bates
Ken, I don't know any information on those two sites, but would appreciate getting some feedback from you on what you found.
Jack Cole

Petrified Wood in Oregon......

On the west side of the cascades there is petrified wood in most stream beds from Eugene to Portland / from the coast to the foot hills of Mill city.

East of Mill city there is young cap Basalts layers covering the Petrified wood. From a Gas station called Little Sweden East to Black Butte is Basalts flow that is about 25 Mill.

above 1800 Ft. in this area there is Bamboo found though very rare to fine

The best hunting on the Green side of Oregon is in the foot hills around Sweethome, Lebanon, Scio, Lacomb, Gates, Eugene.

The material from this area i hunt is highly agatized and there is great Cell pattern in most of the material found.
i have been hunting the list of city's and found the Scio area the best in the foot hill just east of town.

In Oregon there is Petrified wood in every Sq. Mile of land. So i share the area i grew up in since 1957 Oct - 02.
61 got my feet wet at the new bridge over to Marion County.
Dredge line for footings and huge piles of ....Rock to sort through.
Any More Info. the Natives would bury me to the nick at low tide on a full moon.

Then there`s the books and the rest of the locations of the more famous locations.

Ken I`ll let one out....The Crab tree Creek just east of Scio,Oregon and south of Roger Mt.

Maybe this will spike some interest for people to "go looking". When I was a kid growing up in the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon, we asked permission from a land owner to go deer hunting behind their place. We were following a creek flowing south from low mountains that had cut down into the pasture land 20 feet in places. At the bottom of the cut there were pieces of broken logs and what looked like fresh cut wood. Upon closer examination we found all the wood was petrified with knots, small branches, and color so precise the wood looked real and freshly cut. There were thousands of feet of petrified timber in that creek! Time has dimmed my memory of exactly where that creek was, but we were deer hunting North of Medford, on the Crater Lake highway. It was on the west side of the highway. I'm sure it was at least as far north as Shady Cove and probably further. It may very well lie at the bottom of that lake they made up there by putting in that dam that made the Rogue River un-swimable and dangerous, and green. The river used to run clear and warm in my day. Good luck in hunting for this site, and please let me know if anyone finds it!  Mike case     
The large petrified wood sites with easy pickins that are accessible to the public are usually quickly cleaned out after discovery. Other sites that require digging for top quality wood are usually still producing and are recommended for those who want quality petrified wood for their collection. Hampton Butte and Paulina are favorites of mine in Oregon even though everyone and their brother know about those sites. I got buckets of ordinary wood but the really nice pieces are the ones I really want to keep even though it is fun to explore for new sites.
Cindy brown
Yes this was found in my backyard in Roseburg Oregon I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about it I'm sending you pictures thank you so much
Dallas Hull
I have a piece of bamboo I have found in the Medford area of Oregon-its a very lovly piece I posted a pic in the rockhound group on Facebook and it got so many likes LOTS AND LOTS-its a lovly piece-I have found a lot of petrified wood in my honey holes in southern Oregon-I have a very awesome and easy way of finding so many rocks its not funny-my family thinks im crazy cause I love rocks lol.I can post a picture of the bamboo I found, if anyone wants to see it.thanks and have a lovly day if anyone  is in southern Oregon I would love to go rockhounding with ya or show ya some places-please email me-im 34 and its my hobbie-would love to make it my job,

Hi There,
I am looking for Petrified Wood locations.  What would be really handy is if the locations came with GPS coordinates.  Can anyone help me out...Thanks
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