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Tammy Bromley
I am looking for some Indiana Geode collecting sites that are somewhat safe for a 6 & 8 year old. We took them to N.C and visited alot of the sites listed in the Guide Book but would prefer something closer to home(Michigan) and thought Geodes would spark thier interest. Any suggestions?
Guri Z.

One of my good friends, Steve Garza actually lives in Indiana. He can actually take you on a trip with him or he can tell you localities. Here is his email:
I don't know how close it would be to you, but you could go to the beach and look for "lakers", also known as lake superior agates. I found a number when I was in high school and spent a summer studying Lake Superior up at the University of Wisconsin, Superior. I know that Da Yooper's board specializes in rockhounding the U.P. They would probably be able to give you better info than anyone.
Henry Barwood
Dear Tammy,

My son has directions to several locations near Bloomington, Indiana at his site. Go to:

And you will find links at the bottom of the list to a couple of places that are accessible.

Henry Barwood
Mike Streeter
Hi Tammy, According to the Indiana Geological Survey, there are many locations in Monroe County where geodes may be found without having to extract them from the hard limestone walls. Geodes may be collected along the shores of Monroe Lake, especially in the area near the dam's spillway. Geodes may also be found in and along streams that empty into that lake, including Stephens Creek (six miles east of Bloomington) and Ramp Creek (east of Smithville). Other streams where geodes may be found in Monroe County include Clear Creek (three to five miles south of Bloomington), and Jackson Creek (two miles southeast of Bloomington to four miles south of Bloomington). Geodes are commonly found in ravines about the town of Bedford. Small geodes are reportedly abundant at the western end of the railroad tunnel west of Unionville. Geodes may also be found in Brown County along the banks of Bear Creek in the northwestern part of the county. Access to the stream is available along Bear Creek Road north of the town of Trevlac. In Lawrence County, geodes can be found along the banks and in Little Salt Creek, which runs through the northern part of the county. Guthrie Creek and Back Creek, south of Leesville in eastern Lawrence County, are also good places to hunt geodes. I suggest that you go the Mapquest at and find some of the places detailed above. Use common sense to determine if you should first obtain permission before entering any collecting location and always respect a no trespassing sign. Good luck and let us know how you do! Mike

Update from Glen, September 8, 2009 - The stream that runs along Bear Creek Road in Trevlac, IN has many geodes, but as we found out yesterday when we went there to collect geodes, the stream is actually on private property. The owner, who happened to see us there, informed us that the stream was part of his property and that he and his neighbors would not hesitate to call the sheriff. I would avoid this area.
Tammy Bromley
Thanks everyone!!! I will post and let you know how we do!
Tammy Bromley

I just wanted to thank everyone for the information for the geode collecting sites in Indiana! My sister and her children opted out for the Upper Penninsula and agates so I conned my brother and 15yr old daughter to join in. We collected approx (4) 5 gallon buckets as well as some nice fossils from the Monroe Lake Resevoir and from a creek north of hwy 50 on hwy 346.They were doing road construction on the hwy 37 Roadcut area so that was out for this trip. I have yet to cut them all as it is so addicting once you start and then comes the cleaning part which scares me a little! I will be going back next month without the daughter as she informed me she aquired my shopping gene and not the rockhounding gene

Thanks again,


Mike Streeter
Hi Tammy,

Thanks for the report! It is great to hear that a small bit of advice can go such a long way!

Misty Allen
Thanks for all the info. Im gonna try all these spots. Tammy Bromley, if you ever need a friend to hunt with you, Please let me know. I am a mother of 3 and could use a friend to go with. Thanks again. My e-mail is
Chris Sheaffer
Mike Streeter wrote:

"Geodes may also be found in Brown County along the banks of Bear Creek in the northwestern part of the county. Access to the stream is available along Bear Creek Road north of the town of Trevlac."

We went this past weekend- stopped at the first bridge over Bear Creek. Found many more geodes than we could carry (and a few fossils) in just a few minutes. However, it was just after a big flood and we may have been very lucky.

Mike Streeter
Hey Chris,

Sometimes timing is everything! Thanks for the update.

Hey Steve,
Do you still do the bird imatations???
Hi, Mark;
Did I ever STOP? Still weird, too.
I have a Large Geode that is about 12" long and 8" wide I was wondering if anyone near crown point, Indiana would be willing to cut it for me with a diamond saw maybe.
Hi Tom I just purchased an 18" slab saw.I work in Lafayette near purdue and might be able to cut your geode for you if you are in this area very often and able to drop it off for a weekend. Just let me know Phil
HI, My husband and I were wondering if it is worth going geodes hunting after the flood in brown county any ideas?
or were would a good place to go?
in Indiana
Chris Sheaffer

Please read post # 10

Krystal Lynn Hund
Hi Tammy,
You might want to check out Petosky, MI for their famous Petosky stones. Theres still lots to be found on the lakeshore there. We have relatives in MI and we combined a visit with some rockhounding (Petosky, UP copper and iron, etc) and general sightseeing(I am SO sick of lighthouses!) last summer. Had a blast.

(not my stone or image- i wish)
Thanks Chris
I will do that
Happy hunting
Michelle Behney
Hi, my name is Michelle. I know where to find Geodes in California where I lived before, but I am new to Indiana and live in the Terre Haute/Brazil area. Are there any places around here?

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