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Phil Koble
Hi Michelle

Welcome to Indiana (hope you like cold weather) If you go to the "Field trip Report"section on this board and click on Indiana it will show whats available for you in Indiana,You are close to the best areas for geodes...And I'm sure Mike S and Everett H will tell you more when they see your post,They know EVERYTHING about IN Geodes!!
KOR Phil
Mike Streeter
Hi Michelle,

This is an easy one. Go to page 1 of this message thread and you'll find directions to many Indiana geode locations (click on the 1 near the bottom right of this message thread).

william kelley
The creek that runs by Draper Cabin in Monroe forest by Martinsville Indiana is full of geodes.hike down to the cabin and follow the creek.My boys and I picked up many nice ones in the creek.
Jake L.
I live in the Terre Haute area. I am planning an outing to go geode and agate collecting. I would enjoy planning an outing for anyone who wants to go...
Steve Miller
Thanks Tammy for the information. We will be visiting an Indiana quarry this weekend (May 15,16) and was hoping to do a little geode hunting as well. Your information will be very helpful Since we had no idea where to go. Any other information or locations would be greatly appreciated. Our daughter was the one first excited about rocks and gems now it seems we can't go anywhere without looking at the ground and kicking up dirt.

Steve M
Just as a follow up to posts #5 and #10, the stream that runs along Bear Creek Road in Trevlac, IN, has many geodes, but as we found out yesterday when we went there to collect geodes, the stream is actually on private property. The owner, who happened to see us there, informed us that the stream was part of his property and that he and his neighbors would not hesitate to call the sheriff. I would avoid this area.
John Loesch
My daughter is receiving radiation in Bloomington. I read all of the above threads, about where to look for geodes. I too, ran into the friendly gentleman along Bear Creek Road. In Illinois, along roads, the Department of Transportation owns half the creek bed. Boy, did I get a chewing. Now I am very disgusted. Where in Monroe or Brown Counties can I go look for geodes, in peace?
Phil Koble
Hi John
It sounds like for now the only "safe" place to collect in Indiana is on private property where the land owner has been kind enough to grant you permission to to collect on.
John Loesch
What about around Monroe Lake? Does anyone have experience collecting geodes in the Ramp or Clear Creek areas? Is this private land? I was reading last night, that even at road cuts, you need to contact the Indiana Department of Transportation. In some parks, it may be okay, if asking first? Any rock quarries that are friendly? Direction would be most appreciated.
Hi John!First of all,all Indiana road cut collecting is taboo!This may change,but for now the state police are arresting people and impounding their vehicles!This may change,but it is up to the state to change their enforcement policy before they will again,if ever, be reopened to collecting.
As far as Lake Monroe and other state parks,please see my thread about "Lake Monroe Collecting" from a few months ago.It should answer your question,or sort of!
mark Hornback
I have written my state reps and my cogress people to try an keep Kentucky quest friendly. I hunt the Spencer county road cuts on a regular basis, I have meet the local sheriff and his deputies. They are good folks and wish you nothing but the best! They understand that you are hunting for the local rock, they also know they will see you at the local gas station and in the local cafes! I have met folks form South carolina to oklahoma on these sites, they are a blessing and most welcome. i have spent a lot of time hunting the 64 route near Morehead, i am well off the road and pose no problem with traffic the local and state police just wiss bye. i hope to God that this doesn't change!Come help yourself to the local rock, stop and have a hotbrown and a sweet tea, revel in our southern hospitality, and if you bump into me, lunch is on me! i look for those out of state plates and look forward to seeing you!
Keep Kentucky rock friendly!
I hope to see you soon,
John Loesch
I will be in Bloomington the week of October 5th. I was fascinated with the area, but now think I will head down to Kentucky. My daughter just pumped in over $200,000 into the local economy, with her radiation treatments, and I can't pick up a couple buckets of rocks in a creek. I guess Brown and Monroe counties in Indiana are going to get a bad eye from me going forward. Their loss, as we probably would have come back on a yearly basis.
John Runberg

You have email.....;-)

A great spot to collect is a county bridge in bedford at 1592 IN-58 use this address to get exact directions and go to google earth and if u use the street view you can see off the bridge the dry collecting area for those with gps Lat 38deg53'27.90"M Long 86deg25'26.74"W happy hunting
Are there any good places to go in Jefferson County, KY? My sister is visiting and would really like to go. Thanks!
Mark Hormback
Walk the gravel bars of floyds fork around pope lick would be the best, they are not abundant but there will be fossils and arrowheads to find as well. Beargrass creek the south fork has produced a few over the years, but be aware that this stream is very badly poluted good luck
Mark Hormback
I went out to fire up the truck, quess what, its snowing in Kentucky
I live in Indiana, too, and we recently went on a short trip to Chicago, where, of course, we HAD to stop by the Lake Michigan sand dunes!!! While there, I was lucky enough to pick up the only geode that the family found that day. It has already been broken open, and the outside is completely smooth, but the inside is still nice and sparkly! Anyway the thing is about the size of a ping pong ball and is pure white, which I have never seen before. I've seen ones that are brown on the outside and white within, but never white all the way through. It looks a lot like the first Moroccan one, here: just smaller, but I seriously doubt it came from there! Can anyone tell me how it may have formed and made its way to the beach where I found it?
Mark hornback
I would need to hold it in my hand to give you any help in the formation of the stone. Strange rocks can be found almost any where in the areas that where effected by the glaciers. There have beem gold and diamonds found in Indian brought down and droped off in the last iceage.
Mike Streeter
Hi Hannah,

I have found similar rocks on the Lake Michigan beach at Charlevoix. These rocks look like geode fragments to me. Although geodes are relatively rare in the Devonian limestones, they are not unheard of and show up occasionally generally as broken fragments on the beach. Mark is right about the glaciers moving rocks of all sorts from north to south.

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