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Al Parry
Hey guys,
My wife and I are headed for Keokuk for geodes and then up into Brainard,Minnesota. Does anyone have locations where we can find binghamite, Mary Ellen jasper, Lake Superior agates, or any hard material we can cut and polish? Thanks for any help you might provide.
Hi AL,

Welcome to this great board of fine and friendly folks.

For Lake Superior Agates you can go to Moose Lake and check with the area Chamber of Commerce and they can tell you where to go and find them. July 18 & 19, 2009 Carlton Co. Gem & Mineral Club AGATE DAYS 2009 Moose Lake High School, Moose Lake MN

You can all so go along the Lake Superior shores and find them too. Just make sure you are not on privet land.

You can go to this area for (binghamite) Cuyuna, Minnesota

I hope this helps you out. Let us all know how you did on your trip.

KOR Carl in WI
Al Parry
Hi Karl,
Thanks for the information. I'll let you know how we do and what we find. We're now in Ohio and stoppped in a local park they call The Works in Newark, Ohio and saw a beautiful piece of Flint Ridge flint. It weighs 14 tons and stands about five feet tall. What a specimen!
Thanks again.
Ken Gossman
Possibly a place to look for binghamite is a locating just outside Crosby which is about 18 miles northeast of Brainard on route 210. Email me by clicking on my name and I'll give you directions.

When I was there in 2004, My son and I found a five gallon bucket full of good cuttable binghamite. Some had reds and most had the golden color, along with the black and some white quartz. Sizes were from a couple of inches in diameter to six inches in diameter and 2" thick. I have been very happy with the slabs and cabs I have cut from the material. We just used garden scrapers and shovels to go through the dirt limbs and stone in the dikes and only scratched the first eight to ten inches. The only negative there is everything turns reddish shoes, tools, clothes, and the inside of the vehicle. It was well worth it for me as I am a binghamite fan.

Ken Gossman
forget about keokuk... hamilton illinois has great geodes.. my friend and i found about 150 awesome geodes.. one of which has rare pyrite encrusted malachite crystals... we hunted in a place called wild cat park.. its freee.. and a frisbee golf course runs through it... if you look around the creek that runs through the frolf course, your into money geodes... also keep your eyes open for fossils.. i found many crinoid stems and fossilized shells, as well as calcite crystals on matrix..... good luck hunting... If you find Binghamite in minnesota let me know.. headed there in july to hunt near Bemidji MN.... Im lookin for jasper, hematite, superior agates, and anything that i can cut for cabs....
Bob Johannes

If you are hunting around the Mangan waste dumps, there is also the possibility of finding Minnesota Rhodochrosite.

It has been 30 years since I last collected in Minnesota but I grew up there and used to go to Crosby-Ironton 10-15 times a year to collect.

I used to specifically look for the rhodochrosite.  You are looking for a black seam with a wrinkly, texture running thru smooth black rock.  If you chip it and it shows up pink, its rhodochrosite.

Seams were often only 1/4" to 1/2" thick but I have found seams to 2" thick.  The material is fine to coursely crystalline but the edges of the seams always seem to show some crystal faces that have oxidized black.  Sometimes some of the seams also have siderite crystals associated.  

I found 100s of pounds of silkstone but never found a lot of good binghamite.  

Good Luck on your trip.

Bob Johannes
The Amethyst Rose
Fred Maser
Hi Ken, I live in Big Lake, I'm interested in locating Binghamite. Any help would be great.
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