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Mike Streeter
Hey gang,

Chrissy never ceases to amaze me. I gave her a couple of my most prized vugochons to wire wrap this weekend and the first one just about floored me . . .

But she wasn't done and topped herself yet again . . .

If you look closely at the bail, you will notice what Chrissy told me will be her new wire wrapping signature . . .



Tom K.
I'm not to shabby when it comes to making things and doing crafts but wire wrapping beat me up bad!The best piece I ever did wasn't suitable to hang around a goats neck!

Don't get me wrong,I' am NOT a quitter but have the sense to know when I'm gettin beat up!

If Wayne ever knew how I punished all that stainless steel wire he sent me he'd come up here and whoop me big time!

Now this young lady comes along and does these beautiful wraps right off the git go and she's makin me jealous!!

This aint right! It's supposed to take a long time before you dare to "come out of the closet" and show off your work! You're supposed to have dumpsters full of scrap and 3 credit cards melting from all the use they're getting buying wire!

Your fingers are supposed to be worn raw from bending and re-bending that dreaded wire!Your shoulders and arms should be aching from throwing mistakes around the room!The walls should all be dented from flying scrap!

I even bought a book on wire wrapping.It's called "Wire Wrapping for Vegetables" but it was WAY to advanced for me!!!

What's up here??

How come I can't do it and you hit a home run every time you're up at bat???

This just aint fair,,,,it aint fair!

What is your secret to success?

Tom K.
Bruce Skubon
WOW is all I can say, great job Chrissy on the wire wrapping. Man you just keep on getting better each time you do one. Keep that up Chrissy.

Tom I think Chrissy is using SS wire, it bends a lot easyer then the Stainless Steel wire that you are using.

KOWraping Carl in WI
Don Peck
Don Robinson
I see big bucks coming your way with both of your talents merged!

Phil Koble
Great work Chrissy..Like I've said before..You need to start cabbing too and then Mike can stay busy mowing the lawn,painting,cleaning up the garage and basement,picking up his dirty clothes,washing/waxing the vehicles and making you dinner.Of course this would also give some of us a chance to catch up to him on some cabbing!
Jim Adams
Mike and Chrissy,
You guys are a real inspiration. Though I have no plans to start wire wrapping, you're making me want to get back to my own creations, and collecting season isn't quite done here yet! So little time, so much to do...
jay bates
Keep it up Chrissy. Not only do we get to see your lovely creations, but we get to read and guffaw at the Connecticut Yankee's frustrations. I think Wayne may have sent him that stainless steel wire just to get his goat. You think?
Tom, Jay, Jim, Phil, Don R., Don P., Carl and Bruce - Thanks guys. You are all too kind. Your encouragement has made all the difference!

Hey Tom,

I don't know why you would want to wrap a vegetable...seems like it would rot eventually and then fall out!

Mike didn't post pictures of the ruined wire, wall dents, bloody, hangnailed fingers or my tear-streaked face as I battled through the learning process! As recently as this last weekend I totally failed at wrapping with some old smaller 24 gauge wire when I ran out of my favored 20 gauge. After 2 hours I just chucked it!

The great thing and the thing that makes it all worthwhile is what happened Saturday. I was awakened before dawn by a strange popping noise coming from someone's nose nearby. I couldn't fall back to sleep so I lay there thinking about wire wrapping.

I have never cared for all the frilly curlycues at the top of each wrapped piece but what else can you do with all the wire ends? Michael and I believe that the wire should only compliment the stone and not get in the way or overwhelm it.

I decided that I would make my own design that day...something worthy of that fantastic Vugachon that was Michael's favorite. What I needed was a simple design like a pair of hands cupping the bottom of the stone and crossed again at the top just enough to hold the cab in there. Something at the top to give it balance like a single curl..or how about 2 curls to form an S for Streeter! Eureka! I jumped out of bed and wrapped it and it came out exactly as I had pictured it in my head! That was absolutely the best feeling ever!

When I showed it to Michael he was thrilled and said "Thank goodness our last name isn't Farquar!

Life is good!

Chrissy, you have excelled here with your wire wraps once again! There are several folks in the club here that wrap, and your work is as good as any I've seen, even from some who have been doing it for years!

I sympathize with Tom, but I think perhaps he exaggerates a little? I guess that goes along with being a perfection"ist"?

I suppose I'll have to admit that the subjects of your wraps have a bit to do with the finished look of the pieces. Just as Mike lets the stones tell him what they want to be, you let the stones convey to you their best profile in wire.

I agree with you that the frills are sometimes overbearing, and take away from the stone, the centerpiece which is being framed. Of course sometimes, the wire is the art, and the stone is merely the accentuating feature, such as in Carol's bracelet that she showcased here a while back.

I do wonder though, with Mike's cab-a-holic tendencies, just how deep is the pile of cabs on the bench now? You should have no shortage of subjects to choose from!

Keep up the great work girl!

Don Robinson

Well I think you should come up with a name that would be suitable the start of the whole wrapping thing. Mike's nose noise? Say maybe..."the snort" or "the flapper" or maybe hey here is a good one..."S[KNOT]ICUS MICHAELIS". Or maybe I have this whole thing wrong maybe it was the dog!


PS All in fun your wraps are matter how they were thought of even by a strange noise!
mike k
Wow!!! Beautiful work. You've got me sitting here trying to think of when I ever had creative burst of energy like that that resulted in something so clear to the vision in my head. What a great experience. You guys are a great team. Better watch out, Mike'll start leaving a few cabs out and making those early morning "popping" noises on purpose!
Hey Virgil,

I don't have the talent to do something like Carol's bracelet...she's a real arteest! Michael and I do okay on our own but together the result is so much better! It seems to work that way in almost everything we do.

Hey Don,

How about Snortapotamus Resultus? Opal is the Snortapotamus that wakes me up early. She sleeps at our bedroom door since we chucked her inside kennel to make room for another display case! Michael impersonates a dead rock all night long!

Hey Mike K,

Michael has his ways. He has a little tray of cabs waiting "on deck" for me. That is my inspiration but its like trying to choose which chocolate to eat from an assortment box!

Thanks to all for the encouragement,


Real nice there, Lady!!

Maybe one day I'll get off the "big" metal work and try the small stuff? By then, you and the others will be so "top-of-the-line", I'd be ashamed to show my work!

You're doing great!

Humm? I've been wondering what happened to that stainless wire I sent Tom... maybe it was to soft!?
Joe D.

Great idea with the big "S", you know what else that stands for, don't you? No not that, "Super", like your new found talents with wire. I have to lay off the wrapping for a while since it seems like half the East coast and lots of folks all around the World are wearing my "Hearts", my specialty. The Silver wire is getting a bit pricey too. I still just give them away free to good homes. Everyone tells me I should sell them but I just can't sell my "Beauties". Once I got started wire wrapping it was a disease that I just couldn't stop doing. Now I broke the habit and haven't wrapped anything for 6 months.

I went "beserker" the other day and cut a few hundred more cabs for some therapy. I looked around and found my work space crowded to the brim and could hardly see my Genie. I filled 4 more old pretzel jars with cabs to see my old bar/work space again. I also peeled the Diamonds and some Copper material from another blade on my trim saw attachment. These replacement blades don't seem to last long anymore and I can only get them from one manufacturer for the Genie. The material I've been cutting is from my favorite crick and seems to be without end. I just can't seem to get enough of it. It is some of the hardest Quartz I have ever cut.

Keep up the great work, I look forward to each piece you show.

Joe D.
Hi Wayne,

Have you ever tried to pick up mercury with a tweezer? That's what working with half-hard wire is like to me! I can only imagine what happened when Tom tried to do something with that stainless steel wire you sent him! You mustn't torture him that way!

I can easily picture you making nuts and bolts jewelry. Its right up your alley!

Hi Joe,

I know what the big S stands for...I made a lot of it while I was practisin!

We've made a few that we were able to part with as they were gifts but its hard to let go. You're right about it being therapy. We need it and were getting a bunch of it!

Thanks guys,

Hi Chrissy...

I have made a few things such as a ring for Pat from a stainless nut and several belt buckles from stainless.
I gave away a few belt buckles to friends at Christmas and I only have two left.
They are made using 308 stainless wire(full hard) and 304 pipe and shapes...

...they look gold under this light, but they are stainless!

You have been, as they say, hiding your light under a bushel! Those buckles are way cool! Of course, they have bullets in em too!


Unlike "small jewelry", the buckle pieces were welded using the tig method. This is about as small of work that can be done using
"welding"! Any smaller and they would need to be silver soldered.
The good thing about using stainless, it will not tarnish and can be polished to a mirror finish as good or better than silver.
By having a much higher melting point than silver, using a gas torch takes away the worry of the base metal melting during the solder connection. But can be much harder to work even in the annealed condition!

Best at ya!

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