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I recently came back from a location in western NC where I collected around ten pounds of malachite, azurite, and native copper in 30 minutes. Has anyone else found similar sites in this state?
Mike Streeter

Unless you include the Ore Knob Mine is Ashe County, I am unaware of any western North Carolina location with more than a spec or two of native copper. Are you sure what you found is native copper and, if so, how much of it is in the ten pounds? Do you have any pictures you could post?

Don't know about mines in WNC but a guest at my farm took a rock back with him to SC and said he melted it down with possibly a blow torch and it was copper. I have a rock I found that looks what copper may be, it is copper looking on top and bottom and is a muted looking green in the middle. Will try to see later if I can post a picture of it.
Will attempt to post two pictures of same rock thought to be copper.

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: 2012_Rocks_&_Gems_001.jpg, Views: 313, Size: 48.39 KB 

2nd picture of same rock

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: 2012_Rocks_&_Gems_001.jpg, Views: 128, Size: 48.39 KB 

Me & pictures just don't get along, will try again.
Nothing takes the place of persistence.
Don't understand why 2nd picture doesn't post used same procedure as first picture. If don't work this time, sorry.

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: 2012_Rocks_&_Gems_002.jpg, Views: 215, Size: 45.25 KB 

dave t
The 2nd pic looks like material from up at the slag pile in Ducktown. I've stopped there on occasion to go over some of the slag and can usually find garnet and clear quartz crystals in it.

I also have a fantastic specimen of Malachite given to me by a lady that claims it was from the mines in the Ducktown area. Have no reason to believe otherwise but have never seen same anywhere from up there although some of the guidebooks say it has been found there.

All the copper I've seen from up there is quite unique and unlike the Michigan copper. It has do be treated with sulfuric acid and also go through a kiln/smelting process to get out the copper from the other material it is in. Whereas the Michigan copper is solid copper as we know it. The ladies at the Museum up there informed me that their copper display items and samples come from other mines such as Michigan and are not truly representative of the local copper. dave t.

The location is also in Ashe County-about 15ish miles SE of the Ore Knob site. There was very little copper in those 10 pounds; probably only a couple grams. Most of it was Malachite and Azurite in a quartz matrix. I didn't do any digging and spent very little time there, but I'm sure if someone had digging rights, they'd probably grab some very nice finds.
I love working with copper and love the greens and blues which is one reason I joined our local club here in Gaston Co. The first specimen I bought were copper pieces that originally came from Michigan. I didn't realize they had it in NC too until I went to a dig last month at an old copper mine in mid state.
Well, now I'm on a copper hunt kick. I like making things with copper sheet and wire and have something in the process that inspired with the colors from the dig last month. Can't wait to finish but now I'm searching for places to go, and while Ashe Co. is far for me to travel for a day trip, I would like to find out more on where someone can go.
I've already posted on these boards a couple times but searching for copper in NC, google brought me to this thread
Does anyone know where to go for copper, malachite and azurite? The closer to me the better. I haven't been out really since that dig a month ago and am itching something terrible to go. Still new all around to digging but can't wait. It's a disease or something. lol.
karen h
I AM sure you found copper. I have a quartzite vein on my n carolina mountain property near Bryson city. These rocks contain gold and copper and lots of green staining from copper.. going to excavate the vein in the summer. Happy hunting. It's all there, we just have to look.
Audrey Haverkamp
FYI, there were copper minds in Randolph and Guilford County, North Carolina. My 2nd great grandfather owned one.
I live in Macon County, most of the water up here is copper water, there is an old copper mine in "Blue" Valley, and a Copper Mine Road.Also was told the Hospital is built on an old Copper mine. Makes sense, there is an ancient volcanic mountain here  and the gemstone here is Beryl [Beryllium].
Bobby Dixon
There are deposits of copper in Chatham County N.C.
I was in copper hill and found some interesting stone. Rocks .
Jimmy Jervais
Hey we are going to be going through NC and would love to know where you found all the malachite and azurite
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