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John Cornish

Davis Creek, California
By John Cornish

One day, we were at the Royal Purple beds and I was digging away. It was a fine day with a soft breeze stirring the trees about us with a soft rustling. Other then our banter and the sounds of our picks and shovels, the main sound I remember was the lowing of the cattle free ranging through the woods.

Over the course of the day, Gloria and our friends drifted in and out of the diggings while I pretty much stayed at it and dug for treasure. Finally, after noticing that I'd been alone in the hole for awhile, I got up and brushed the dirt away and slowly trudged back to our rigs and that's where I found everyone.

They were mute and bug-eyed and something had happened since last I'd seen my wife and friends, something intense! I whirled and scanned about, even casting a wary eye towards the tops of the trees, not knowing what I'd find there, but I was completely assured that something was wrong. These were my friends, my wife, something traumatic had happened, but what?

And then slowly, they began forming words and the glassy stares began to fade from their eyes as they tried to focus on my presence. As they attempted speech, slow syllable by slow syllable, the fantastic story of what they'd endured began to unfold...

They'd taken a break and were making up a little lunch when the lowing of the cattle started getting closer. The brush about them began to rattle and shake until suddenly the head of the largest bull any of them had ever seen broke through the undergrowth and began coming nearer.

As they told the story, they kept looking first from me to my nearby S-10 until eerily they all turned in seeming telepathic union and pointed at the truck and said, "There, that's how big it was! That's how big it was!"

Over and over the words began to spill out in a mad rush until eventually all semblance of the English language fell away. Their eyes began to glass over again and sadly, it was there that I left them, all pointing to my truck and softly, madly babbling away...

As I munched the half finished sandwich I'd snatched up from the table, I made my way back to the hole I'd been working. In the rich brown dirt all around there lay half buried chunks of obsidian treasure and I had work to do.

As a last thought, when asked, no one seems to remember the bull or even that day. Heck, it's almost as if they've completely blocked away the entire experience. This perplexed me at first as I just couldn't understand their reactions, but when I pressed, I noticed the vacant glassy stares returning and began to hear an incoherent rambling and that's when I stop asking questions. I can't stand to see them this way and so now, years later, it's only I who can recall that day. I never did see that bull, oh, I heard him, I just never actually saw him. Maybe that's a good thing, maybe...

All the very best everyone,

Tom K
I don't know John,,,,,,,,,,,

This story sounds like a lot of "Bull" to me!!

Tom K
Hi John!
Well, it seems clear to me that an alien disguised as a bull brain-zapped your poor party.The solution is to have some of them hypnotized and regressed for the REAL story!!!
OH WAIT!!!!! THAT'S where BABE must have gone after Paul Bunyan passed away! Being Blue and all surely would freak out all who saw! Babe probably loves roaming the hills gazing at the electric blue obsidians......
Gloria Cornish
Hi Everybody,

John, usually bounces his papers off me but this one he slipped by and your responses are understandable. But seriously, that bull was as big as John's S-10. No exaggeration! Usually when we're out in the wilds my biggest fear is running into a grizzly bear , but on this trip my fear had changed to running into another one of these monsters!! So keep a watchful eye when you're digging on open range territory--especially at Davis Creek.

From Gloria "Keeping it Straight" Cornish
Tom K
I was just pokin fun at John as I have had similar experiences fishing.
I once asked a farmer who was tending a fence post if I could cut across a field that was clearly posted.He said something like "Sure,,,,,if ya really want to".I thanked him and started to cross the field diagonally.The field was sloped down away from me so I couldn't see the "bottom" end of it.When I got right in the middle of the field I could see to the bottom and didn't like what I saw.It was a huge bull and he was staring directly at me.I knew I had to get out of the field asap so I started walking slowly to the side of the field.The fence lay about 200'-300'away and it seemed like a mile when the bull started coming closer to me.I was not dressed for the occasion as I had full chest waders on,was carrying a 13' Noodle Rod and a net with a 3' diameter!!The main problem is that I am short and fat so running nude wouldn't help my speed anyway!!

I managed to get off the field and had some "serious" words with that farmer.He seemed to think it was quite funny!!

Tom K
Joe Dunleavy

Your story brings back a memory of my days in the military. I was wakened on late night and asked to deliver a very important (secret, weren't they all) message to our further outpost. It being as black as the darkest Obsidian I ventured out to deliver my message. After stumbling around in the dark for about 15 minutes, I figured I had to be close to my missions end. Just then I bumped into a huge thing that was flesh and blood and not to happy to be disturbed. I thought it was a bear and was reaching for my 45 when it gave out with an ear piercing Moooooo. Yes it was a free ranging cow of enormous size. We backed away from each other and I went on my way and it went about it's business. I thanked God it wasn't a bear or one of those very irate bulls. Water buffalo's aren't too nice to mess with in the dark either. You never know what you will meet up with in the dark while wandering around in the dark woods. We couldn't use a light or I wouldn't be here now to tell this story. I was volunteered because I used to like to walk around in the dark and have fun. Also I was the only one who wasn't an officer.

Joe D.
Mike Streeter
Hey John,

I find it somewhat ironic that your story, although full of bull, is actually true . . . LOL

jay bates
John and Gloria, most likely what you saw was a range bull, either a Herford or a Black Angus, since that is range country around Davis Creek. Those are usually fairly mild though they look quite fierce. They usually are wary of people since they don't see them that often and when they do the people are on horseback and drive them. It is the dairy bulls that are most familiar with people and are the most dangerous. No doubt that is what Tom encountered.
Heck with the bull,did you find Obsidian...LOL
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