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Hi Sandy,

It has to be a picture from your web site not from your computer. I hope this helps you out? If not give me a call and I'll come over and show you how to do this.

KOPosting Carl in WI
I am curious. I live in the ellensburg blue area and have been searchong for awhile with not much luck but I have heard that ellensburg blues can also come in a very red color. Is this true. I found a agate that is a deep red and was curious if it would be that or something different.
Joe D.

If you mean "Is it Ellensburg Blue", then no. Is it Chalcedony like the Blue, yes. Just like Amethyst can only be purple, Ellensburg Blue can only be that deep blue Chalcedony. But aside from sellers it is only Quartz of the Chalcedony persuation that happens to be a beautiful blue color. Some people like red and some blue and some the other rainbow colors it comes in. I like them all, usually on different days.

Joe D.
OK. Someone once told me they came in a rare red color which I thought was strange but was not sure. I wish I could get a picture of it and show you. It looks almost as if it was painted red on top but open the bottom it is gray with red roan throughout. I just thought it was interesting.
So you say that the ellensburg blues have a distinctive pink hue through it. I have found some like that and was told the ellensburg blues look blue when you look through it not pink. But this info was from someone who was not an expert though thought he was. Do you hold it up to a light and look through it to see this glow?
I have ellensburg blues but know of no one who actually buys them. I want to keep some to make jewelry but the others I would like to sell. Do you know what the running price is for them? Thanks
Lee Bates
The true Ellensburg Blue to my knowledge is only blue with a light pink hue to it. It is worth a lot of money and the locals look for it every Spring North of Ellensburg WA where I live. I do not need to buy any since an old prospector sold me his supply at a give away price before he died. I like Holley Blue better since is is not as hard and won't crack. Almost every woman in Ellensburg WA where I live has an Ellensburg Blue ring. It is very pretty material but do not be fooled by imitations. The piece shown in the picture is a nice piece if it does not have cracks in it. A source for what it is worth is the owner of the Ellensburg Agate and Bead Shop in Ellensburg WA at 509 925 4998. In fact he may buy your material. He is really a fair guy and I deal with him all the time.

Lee Bates
Jay Bates' " The Sphere Man's " brother
Ellensburg WA
Anthony McGuiness
Some I picked up in Thorp

This has got to be the longest running thread on here! e blue sure is some nice stuff though. My great grandfather collected quite a bit back in the day. I have a nice chunk. My cousin got the mother lode and sehe doesnt even know what it is. just a pretty rock to her. lol

lovin rocks
I found this north west of first creek has some amazing color and even better blue deep, in the stone not quite gem quality but still a amazing agate at one time it was roughly the size of a volley ball. now its in 6 pieces. Anyone know if it would be worth chopping some of it up looking for blue clear chunks?

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: _0810_-_Copyjpeg.JPG, Views: 288, Size: 59.77 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 0811jpeg.JPG, Views: 259, Size: 57.56 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 0795jpeg.JPG, Views: 305, Size: 59.55 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 0813jpeg.JPG, Views: 149, Size: 59.03 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 0812_-_Copyjpeg.JPG, Views: 209, Size: 56.28 KB 

lovin rocks
lovin rocks
Ronda the red agate is called red carnelian, I believe. I just came back with a nice chunk
Hey all,

I am so confused. I have been up searching the area north and west of E-burg and found some wonderful blue agates. I was so excited, finally found my own blues. Then my nephew sat down with me to go through them and told me they were just blue agates and not ellensurg blues. He put them on a lit flashlight and they either had a pink, white or yellowish glow. There was only one that had kind of a grayish glow. He said that was the only one that was a true blue and honestly it was one that had the least color of blue in regular light. Can someone shed some light (pun intended) on the subject? How do you reallly tell?

Lee bates
Take the rocks out in sunlight. True Ellensburg Blue has a corn color. Take the rocks to the Ellensburg Agate Shop. The owner can tell you if they are true Ellensburg Blues. I live in Ellensburg and have worked it, collected and bought it. There are a lot of stones that people claim are Ellensburg Blue but are not. A friend of mine just found a wonderful piece the size of a fist.

I found a nice large piece near the reecer cr. area. It is nice !
Yay! What a great thread! Here are some rocks I like to refer to as blues. I have collected before, but they all are either tiny or poor grade. Bought the polished ones be the judge if it's the real McCoy! My favorite is the big drusy one!

Jason Johnson
Hello, I am new to this site and was wondering if anyone can help me identify these stones..I found them in a collection that was purchased at an estate sale. I took them to the local rock shop and he thinks they are ellensburg blue stone..any input will be greatly appreciated..!Thanks, Jason

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: agate_029.jpg, Views: 104, Size: 40.19 KB 

I have some eblue for sale.It has been confirmed by a local jeweler to be eblue.Serious offers considered.They are listed on craigslist spokane under - jewelery
i dont know if these are blues or what could someone help me please? this is my 2nd time doing it lol so kind of a newbie

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: blue_1_(3).jpg, Views: 102, Size: 89.51 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: blue_1_(2).jpg, Views: 104, Size: 88.01 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: blue_1_(1).jpg, Views: 105, Size: 115.67 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: blue_1.jpg, Views: 95, Size: 86.11 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: blue_1_(4).jpg, Views: 100, Size: 88.43 KB 

Joel J
The pictures show rocks that have been probably collected from Red Top mountain near Cle Elum , Washington. I have collected many of the same look rocks from this general area. There are no blue in this area..only particle blue which are not actual blues.

These are not Ellensburg blue but a cousin of the blue. Ellensburg blue are said to be collected in a 7 mile square area NW of Ellensburg I have been told if I have my facts straight.

Ellensburg blue might sell for 50 dollars for a piece the size of a mans thumb nail where as geodes that are just clear or partially blue might sell for a dollar or two.
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