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corey potter
some good lookin blues i see out there. I just wanted to ask a quick question. I have been finding alot of blues about 5 mi south of ellensburg. Along with carnealian agates. Pieces of broken quartz geodes, blue chalcodoney looking ones along with banded blues also. Lots of red, orange, yellow, white and brown agates some banded some not. So i guess my question is what is the possiability of finding true blues in a place a few miles south of the kittitas valley?
I was wondering about how much this blue agate is worth? Thank you.g

Hi I have a lot of rocks that I think they may be ellensburg blue but I do not know were to go to get them checked out can anyone point me in the right direction
Robert Stewart
I have this blue agate and i am wondering how much its worth per ounce since you can only price it in person. It's from Brazil if that makes any difference.
photo.JPG photo.JPG Hello,

I am from Washington and used to rock hunt with my grandpa.  I have all of his and my old specimens that we collected and polished.  I believe i have a few samples of Ellensburg Blue Agates and was wondering how i can authenticate them.  After reading all of the diff ways and seeing pictures of stones posted on this site I am almost certain that i actually have Eburg Blue Agates.  Can anyone please let me know if you think these are real Eburg Blues?

Well they could be. The bigger one has the right color. The smaller ones even if they are Ellenburg Blues, are just not of good enough quality to have much value. I would keep them as specimens and maybe get someone familiar with Ellensburg Blues to personally look at them. Without documentation of their origin it is doubtful you can claim they are Ellensburg Blues. I have some very nice blue agates from Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, California, and Africa that I consider nice blues and to me very much as desirable as my Ellensburg Blues. Maybe the market place doesn't agree with me, but I would rather have all of them and their variety than a jar full of Ellensburg Blues. 
Jay B -- check out this fellas Ellensburg finds. He's got some of the deepest blues I've ever seen!

Steven Vlahovich
Found a BIG Ellensburg Blue gem my partner found in the Green Canyon/Reecer Creek canyon area.

The stone is over 6 ounces and estimating around 850+ carats and in my humble opinion,
is museum quality.  It is in the "Royal Blue" class with the purple tint.  He is shining a small
flash light onto it ... wasn't sure flash on camera was going work.
The surface of the agate under the brownish colored crust appears to be turtle backed.

As they say: "A Once in a Lifetime Find".

How can I post a pic of it on this site?
Cheri S.
Hi Im so grateful to find this thread. I would like to identify this rock that i have. I have been told to believe its Ellensburg Blue? Some of the pictures were taken with a high powered flashlight behind the rock. Thank you for your help!

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: 10622192_10152326326718461_1155672642_n.jpg, Views: 61, Size: 29.03 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 10588766_10152326318973461_1873402543_n.jpg, Views: 62, Size: 33.07 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 10617661_10152326319078461_61212044_n.jpg, Views: 49, Size: 19.93 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 10653905_10152326320273461_1944680485_n.jpg, Views: 58, Size: 17.48 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 10570597_10152257486508461_187040076_n.jpg, Views: 78, Size: 54.35 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 10522579_10152257486988461_890462439_n.jpg, Views: 70, Size: 66.94 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 10569927_10152257487223461_1707215711_n.jpg, Views: 60, Size: 78.54 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 10621087_10152326326988461_886436658_n.jpg, Views: 51, Size: 54.79 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 10617794_10152326327173461_652335879_n.jpg, Views: 43, Size: 21.94 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 10621087_10152326326988461_886436658_n.jpg, Views: 42, Size: 54.79 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 10592233_10152326332248461_2092723963_n.jpg, Views: 28, Size: 24.20 KB 

I looks like an Ellenburg's Blue to me. I am only basing my opinion on appearance alone. There is a jewelry store in Ellensburg that you could have examine it and give a more authoritative answer to your question. 
Cheri S.
Thank you so much for your opinion. My girlfriend and I are are going to take a road trip to Ellensburg, were in Portland, Oregon.
daniel cheek
I've hunted many times through out the years some 19 yrs back and found 8 blues,Now my question is simple is there gold found in Elensburg Blue magnates cause the only two that I've got with me have 24caret gold nuggets it bedded in the stone the other one is got a mass of crcrystals in it's center and circled with 24k gold and can be viewed with a backed eye no lenses is required to see the gold and put a gold tester on it it was 24k gold the gold clusters are circling the crystal mass directly in it's center,
Mike Streeter

I can't answer your question from experience, but from a geologic standpoint, it should indeed be possible to find gold in Ellensburg Blue Agate.  The agate was deposited into voids in the Teanaway Basalt from silica-rich hydrothermal solutions.  These types of hydrothermal solutions can also contain gold.  Since I've not heard of this before with Ellensburg Blue Agate, my guess is your specimens represent a very rare occurrence or I'm just not in the know.

I am one of the ranchers who fences off their land. Though I understand rock hunting and also appreciate rocks. It's trespassing. There was a time you could ask us and we would allow you. Now I call the sheriffs weekly for trespassing, my fences have been cut, signs taken down, and litter all over. There is no respect anymore. I will gladly report anyone who is caught trespassing on the land we pay for and maintain.

Living just outside eburg, I've seen a (probably literal) ton of blues.  As I have had it explained to me by many locals there are a few key IDs. 

  1. They will have a pink hue when a bright light is shined through them, the darker ones just stay blue.  Some others will turn yellow or orangish - Not blues.  You're looking for pink or blue.
  2. Hardness, a blue will scratch a "run of the mill" agate. Rumor has it they can range up to the low 8's on Mohs, where a normal agate is 6.5ish.

Hope that helps.

Right on Amber! 

My property is in "gold country" and I have to shoo off prospectors who ignore signs.  People who don't respect property rights deserve to be arrested, and should consider themselves lucky if they don't get worse. 

It is theft, plain and simple. 

Having said that, there are public lands to search, completely legal with a permit.

This is what eburg blue looks like blue not red not gray blue
Matthew and Stephanie
I have a bunch of them that are reasonably priced for trade and for sale
Max Hatfield
for those interested in Ellensburg  Blue. Go to You Tube and inquire about it. Nick from enteral Wash. university has online lectures about it where it comes from and were to find it. Good luck. You will be surprised.
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