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Vernie Hatthorn
Hi everyone,
We are planning a weekend trip to Central Texas and I would like to collect flint for my new knapping hobby. Do any of you guys know of any good collecting sites??
Charles Creekmur
North out of Fredericksburg, Texas in the Hill Country, on Hwy 87, Gypsum Mine (or Gypsum Quarry) Road turns off to the right, just a few miles out of town. It is a county maintained gravel road that runs right through a working gypsum quarry. Piles of gypsum and clay have been bulldozed in ridges along the road and contain nice sized cobbles of gray flint with little stringers of red that can be picked up by the bucket full. Most are the size of a large potatoe up to several pounds or more. The road is named on the county road sign and not hard to find.
If you get down there in January, the Fredericksburg club has a nice show in Lady Bird Johnson park at the west edge of town.
Vernie Hatthorn
Thanks Charles,
We will give the site a try and I will let you know how it went when we get back. Cant wait to get out there.
Where specifically are you coming to?
Vernie Hatthorn
No place in particular, my wife and I have an open weekend and she agreed to head out that way to do some collecting. I get to feed my knapping hobby and she gets a weekend away so it will be great for us both. We are open to any suggestion.
Lots of new construction around Round Rock and Georgetown. They are heavy flint areas. Just find a home construction site and look around the area to find some nice dark grey to black flint.
Vernie Hatthorn
Thanks Larry,
We will give it a try. We are planning to go through the Georgetown and Roundrock area as well as the place in Fredricksburgh. we also plan to make a round down Bandera way to a place I was told about there and maybe visit my Aunt who lives at Camp Verde since we will be that close. Long ago she was a fair rockhound herself and she might know a good spot along the way. When we go I will post back and let you guys know how it all went.

Vernie Hatthorn
Hey Guys,
We made it there and back to East Texas in good order. Our first stop was Georgetown where we found a graveled county road on the west side of town which offered up some really nice chunks of flint, some were of a very glassy. We were planning to go to Roundrock but opted to skip it and move on to Fredericksbug via the back roads in hopes we might find access to the Perdernales River but were dissapointed to find that all the bridge crossing were fenced off right up to the road shoulder. We went on in to Fredericksburg and headed North on Hwy. 87 looking for the Gypsum Mine Road that Charles shared with us, we traveled almost all the way to Mason and never found it so we then headed South on 87 and never found it so our next guess was maybe it was on R.R. Road 16 North and then South but we could not find it, as I was typing this my wife (Cindy) called from her job to tell me she found it on the net at a bikers rally site. Its off Hwy 87 turn on Cherry Mountain Loop and then onto Gypsum Mine. We will give that place a visit on our next trip, it sure sounds like a good spot. We did get to see the beautiful sight of Enchanted Mountain the second largest Granite uplift in the world while on RR 16 so it wasnt time wasted its a magnificient unbeliveable exposure. We were pretty much fried by this time and went back to town got a room went out to eat had a few of those German beers with dinner and then off to bed. The next morning we headed South to Bandera to a road cut someone told us about South of town where we found mostly small fractured pieces that we think were hauled in from a quarry when the road was built. On our way back to town we noticed a county road and decided why not and plunged off the Hwy, only a few hundred yards down it we hit paydirt. We found good flint that is very glassy and flakes nicely. We must of picked up close to 100LBS of material. By this time we were getting pretty tired and hungry so we headed back toward town for a bite to eat and start the trip home. We ended up coming back via Camp Verde, Comfort, Sisterdale, Kendalia and on that way to I-35 to Hwy 21 and back to East Texas (Home). It was a long fast drive but worth every inch of it, we had a ball. I have to say thanks to a very understanding spouse, she was a trooper and found the lions share of the flint. She is already planning our next trip to the Hill Country, I better get busy cracking these rocks so we can get back out there soon. We really had a great time, thanks to everyone for all your help.
Vernie Hatthorn
Charles Creekmur
Hey Vernie,
Exactly where are you located in East Texas. I am in Overton, about half way between Tyler and Longview and about 11 miles south of I-20. I might be able to share some more localities with you if you are interested.
Charles Creekmur
BTW- the East Texas Gem & Mineral Societies April meeting is tonight at 7:00 in room 401 of the Muntz Library building on the UT Tyler campus. The program is going to be on radioactive minerals. If you are not too far away, try to come on out.
Vernie Hatthorn
Over the years we have collected quite a bit of Pet. Wood from the woods around our home here in Diboll (11 miles south of Lufkin). We have tried on several occasions to locate Pet. Palm but never found any. We learned only last week that there is also Opalized Wood in this area from a guy we met at the Knap-In last weekend. We found that there is a club over in Jasper that meets once a month and does field trips and we plan at some point as time allows to get involved with them. We would of course love to come up to Tyler and sit in on meeting with you guys as well and do appreciate the invitation but we have family obligations tonight but if the invitation is open we will try to make a meeting later in the year. We still have one in high school and he graduates this May. We will have more free time then and look forward to doing more traveling and hunting for examples. We would welcome any suggestions on collecting sites for sure and will share any we find along the way. Any ideas or suggestions that are close to home???? We have kinda done this hobby a little at a time and are not really educated in this field but do enjoy it. We found all sorts of crystalline structure in and around the flint we found out West, I'm guessing that its all Quartz trying to form but not sure, I really dont know how to tell one thing from the next.
Hi Vernie

I have done quite a bit of pet wood collecting around Onalaska, Crockett, and Lake Livingston. Palm wood is still out there, though not in the quantity as hard wood. I have found one source for opalized wood, though it is not as easy to get to as other localities and the pieces tend to be tiny.

Maybe one day we could meet up and I can show ya around. What ya say? I usually drag my husband along even though is is not as enthusiastic as I.

Feel free to click on my name and send me a private email.

Glad you had some good luck, Vernie. Lots of flint in this area from surface to 15' down. Georgetown and Round Rock seem to be the most shallow for big pieces.

I sold the stuff on eBay several years ago. Sold a 35# chunk to one person. It was at a housing construction site. When they dug down to put in water hydrant piping they went through a foot thick layer of the stuff at nearly every place they cut a hole.
Hi Larry.
Vernie Hatthorn
I can believe it, we found some very nice stuff up at Georgetown. I cant wait to cut into it and see what is inside. Some of it looks to be very glassy and seems almost clear when you flake off a thin edge. I belive it will be as good as any of the material I bought at the Knap-In in La. two weekends ago.
Jay Loch
Hey Vernie, ever think of taking a weeks vaction in Ohio ? Will turn you onto a great ledge of Flint! Its called Flint Ridge and most easterners travel many miles to collect . . .If ever in the area, just give me a holler . . . Jay
Vernie Hatthorn
Hey Jay,
We will keep that in mind and if we ever get close to Ohio we will send you an email and try to get together.If you guys ever come down to East Texas give a shout and we will hook you up with some Pet. Wood and what ever else we can find. Nothing like a new adventure.
Hey D. I am in Bryan this week with my board here. What is cooking.
Nothing, just sayin' hi!
Howdy Ya'll!!

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