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I just acquired a Speed Demon Diamond cabber made by Crystallite, Fla USA. Of course, the old crystallite is no more. Does anyone have the owners manual for this unit or know where to get one? I tried the Crystallite website, they don't make these anymore...
I want to refurb this with new wheels, etc, but knowing the right way to remove the old ones, lock the axle, etc would be nice. The motor runs fine, seems nice and balanced, but it needs cleaning and new wheels, etc.
Any help would be appreciated!
Tom K.
Hi Phil,
All I can say that in most cases is that what ever holds the wheels on the left of the motor should be a left hand thread which means that looking at the side of the wheel you would turn the "nut" or whatever clock wise to loosen it.
The opposite goes for right of the motor.

Tom K.
Thanks. If I understand you right, are you trying to say always turn the nut in the direction of the rotation?

Tom K.
Yes Phil,,,,to loosen it.

Tom K.
Thanks. Now if I could just find a copy of the owners manual....

Tom K.
Can you take a few phot's of the unit as a whole and some of the parts you want to refurbish?

If you can't find a manual take a series of photo's as you remove the parts.Close-ups come in VERY handy for re-assembly.

Tom K
I'm good at take apart and put back. Been a tinkerer for many years. Can even build my own from scratch, but sometimes a deal is well.... a deal.
As far as refurbing, It needs new 6 x 1.5 diamond wheels, which can usually be gotten anywhere except the hubs on these are non-standard and other manufacturer's hubs need to be reworked to fit. Original parts are non-existent. The molded plastic water and sludge catch trays taht sit on either side under the wheels that I've seen in other pictures are missing. So I either need to design some myself (Crystallite does not manuf these anymore, or even answer questions about them) or modify the sumps where the spitters sit to seperate catch and drain trays for either side then add a gravity drip or low water pressure flow system to the top casing for fresh water application. (I prefer fresh water anyway, spitters always pick up and re-spray sediment onto your stone and can ruin a good stone).
The light needs remounting, and re-insulating from the splashing water. I'll probably remove it completely and reattach it is such a manner as to be isolated from any water spray.
What else? Won't know till I get into it. Only reason I know it needs the plastic trays is I saw a pic on the net and it had them.
Will probably add some sort of shaft lock to make removing the end nuts easier. kinda hard to do when the shaft spins freely. That one is gonna be a challenge. Right now, the nuts are so tightly rusted or corroded, I can't budge them. Guess I'm gonna have to do some sort of penetrating oil, which means a trip to the car wash after I've got it apart. So, that's why I was looking for a manual..... They usually have good info on assembly and disassembly.

Here is a pic of what it's supposed to look like. This one is cherry....mine doesn't look anything close. yet... I asked the owners of this one, but they have no manual either.


Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: cabber003.jpg, Views: 177, Size: 29.90 KB 

Tom K.
After the penetrating oil has a chance to do it's thing you may want to put a good box wrench on 1 nut and another one the other nut.
Brace one wrench so it can't turn and have the other where you can give it a good rap with a hammer.
A lot of times a good rap will losten something rather then a constant push/pull.

Or if you have access to an auto shop you can take the unit there,use a back-up wrench and their impact motor???

Good Luck,,,

Tom K.
Thanks Tom,

If it were that simple, I'd have it apart already. Problem is only one end has a nut and a might thin one at that.... the other end has a disk on it. I want to try and not destroy anything, so will try and figure out another way. There's no way to grab that disk and turn the other nut without destroying one or the other.... The old corrosion and dried material is like concrete...

OK. an update..

I have it all apart and cleaned. Ordered new 6 x 1.5 Diamond pacific wheels, but of course they are too wide, hubwise. Am having a local machine shop make me new spindles and spacers. Only $80 complete, both sides. fantastic. Big investments, but it means all future wheels will fit perfectly, no need to "adjust" any diamond wheels ever.

Coated the inside where the water sprays with a liquid rubber compound to prevent future rust-outs. Replaced all the old bolts and screws.

All that's left is I need to add a strip of aluminum about 1 inch wide where the hood attaches to the base to extend it so the new gravity (or pump driven, either way) top fresh water feed nozzles will go, drill a few large diameter holes in the existing water cachement ares for fast drainage, add 4 rubber feet to the existing base so it can sit in and drain into a plastic tray/drain hose setup and I'm gonna be back in business.

Is it worth it? Well, a new machine costs about $1600 with wheels. I'll have this one refurbed (the motor is great!) for about $550 total, including 4 new diamond pacific Galaxy and Nova diamond wheels.

Pics when done if anyone wants. Those new hubs $80 to bring it up to todays manufacturers make all the difference.

Tom K.
Nothing is impossible to a willing heart,,,,,,,,
and a limited supply of money!
Where there's a will,there's a way!
Or just plain old "Get-er-done"!

In any case you did it and should be proud of it.

Good luck with it and please take photo's of it for us!

Tom K.
Timothy K.
I know this is an older post, but I am dealing with literally the same machine, and almost identicle issues. Would love some more info on how you got the bolt off... particularly on the left side. The flat wheel side came off no problem. And I thought I got a budge on the left, but it's completely seized now and I've been liquid wrenching it for a while.
Mike Streeter

I believe the nut on that side of the machine is reverse - that is, you have to turn it to the right to loosen it.  The only thing I can think of to free up the stuck bolt is to place a long-handle wrench on the bolt and then use a hammer to strike its handle in the right direction.  This is easier said than done and may take a few attempts, but I have loosed many stuck bolts with this striking method.

Best I can tell you.

ted williams
I have the same machine in great shape! YES left side "righty loosey" My problem is spitter/wheel wetters don't work. Took one out and from outside looks 'new'. Is there any similar pump available? Can these be re-habed? Or should I just buy an underwheel wetter from Graves or Johnson Bros? Whats anyone think? Thanx!
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