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Dave Owen
There is a new web site promoting a new gem mine in West Virginia modeled after some of the NC mines. Just curious as to what others think about this. I lived in WV 22 years, half of which I did geology in the gas business. To my knowldege there is nothing even resembling what they are advertising as coming from their mine any closer than Virginia or NC. The mines in NC at least have the posibillity of finding something that really are from from the mine.Dave Owen
Ivey Nelson
I'm thinkin' you're thinkin' what I'm thinkin', it's just a tourist trap... er "destination". Might still be fun for kids tho, might even get some of them interested in wanting something more real.
Mike Streeter
Hi Dave,

In all fairness to the owners of this establishment, they did include the following disclaimer at the end of the home page:

Disclaimer::The use of our facility is for entertainment purposes only. We make no claims that you will become wealthy from searching for Gemstones or Gold here .
Please consider this statement carefully and make an adult judgment about a visit here. Please understand that the Legend Of Someplace Special is purely legend and should be viewed as such. We are simply a fun place to spend the day... nothing more!!!!

While this may not be totally clear to everyone, at least some attempt was made to inform potential customers that they should not expect to hit the big time with any of their finds. Like Ivey wrote, it might still be fun for kids and might even get some of the interested in wanting something more real.


I find it interesting that most people would rather go somewhere where they will get something to show for their efforts every time. The Road Camp Benitoite Dig in San Benito County brings down dirt from the Benitoite Gem Mine that is just loaded and hauled down and not altered in any way, so that you always have a chance to find a gemstone worth several thousand dollars or more. I have personally found a stone that cut a carat and another of 1.2 carats, yet I don't see the type of traffic there that is found at many of the salted entertainment sites around the country. A benitoite stone was found in the same dirt that cut a eight and half carat gemstone worth in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I am sure another of similar value is out there.
Dave Owen
Yeah Mike your probably right. If the worst they do is sell a bunch of rocks to kids who have fun finding them I guess it's probably no worse than an easter egg hunt compliments of the easter bunny. Dave
Paul Turner
Considering the geology of WV I am surprised anyone thinks they need a disclaimer.

Tom K.
I don't like scams but I think we as rockhounds tend to forget that there are people out there who aren't as "dedicated" as we are and only want to find a rock,gem or maybe even a sparkly piece of quartz!
They see a sign along the roadside or an ad in a magazine that tells them that they can find these goodies so off they go to "dig' their treasures!

There's not much here in CT but there's a place somewhere in the south eastern part of the state where you can sift for "gems" for a fee.

Not my cup of tea but it may be a way to get someone or a kid interested enough to become a rockhound?

Tom K.
I've been there and found lots of nice gems and even a nice picker. Belive in it or not, that's your choice.
But I'm definitely going back.
No, Some Place Special is not a real gem mine and don't claim to be.  They do not hide that fact.  It is however a fun way to spend a day with the family.  The people who run it are such nice people.  My family went there last year and we had an awesome time.  It is great for those of us who are not lucky enough or don't have the money to go out of state to hunt for gems.  

Good morning fellow rockhounds, I was wondering if any of my neighbor rockhounds over in West Virginia can help me out. I have heard there are quartz crystals that can be dug East of Coopers Rock Park either in or near Slanes Knob or Frog Hollow rd., If anyone is knowledgable of this area and can share any information, I would really appreciate it very much. Thanks David
There are Gemstones and some Gold in West Virginia. You just need to know where to find it in creeks and rivers. Those I wont share. Remember this tip: Inside Channel and the heavy stuff falls out first. Don't pan on Public or Private property or you might get fined or shot. lol 

I currently live in west Virginia on the north western part of the state. I haven't found any gemstones, but I have found a lot of coral fossils, and ancient sea life including a brachiopod.. I would love to know where I could find some gemstones.. I don't even care if they are worth thousands of dollars the fun to me is going out there and digging and seeing what you find.. I have also found fossilized ferns.. If anyone could help me out me, my fiance, and my kids really would like to find some gemstones, please let me know. My name is Heidi Watterson and I have Fb.. Thanks
The "gem mine" is geared towards families and children who need a day out. There are however some gemstones in WV. I know there has been some gold found, and I vaguely remember something about a diamond I believe not sure though. I've also heard some people have found opals and aquamarine. Just gotta know where to look.
Can you tell me where this site is located
Worth checking out
Pm me
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