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has anyone ever had any luck finding geodes out of the nolin river/lake area in KY? It is a tributary of green river, so I was thinking maybe there would be some geodes around there. I wanted to take my family geode hunting a little closer to fort knox. while the two hour drive to stanford was nice, it wasn't fun when my kids decided to have a screaming fight when they got bored the last hour and a half there. lol. So if anyone knows of a place really close to Fort Knox, I would be eternally grateful. An hour or so is a decent drive for my impatient kids.

Oh, and does anyone know of a place where we could take or ship our solid geodes to have cut open? We're supposed to be getting orders to Germany soon and I don't want to bring anything that we don't know what the inside looks like. Thanks!

Check out Otter Creek, just down the road from Muldraugh, There is fort duffeild just of Dixie highway, good safe place for young kids, just watch out for the trail riders, its popular with bike riders. There a nice water fall back in there. I would recomend Floyd's Fork, in southern Jefferson County The creek has lots to offer and another good place to take kids. I would imagin that the stream are up from this last twodays of rain. The road cuts along 155 east of taylorsville are gaint Ordovician cuts and are loaded with fossils, the geodized ponderoasa come from these cuts. The Elk creek cafe on 155 has a good southern style buffet, Near mauldrough a little town called West point has the Star hotel cafe, good eatin, there is also a small place called Ronda's, good traditional Redneck food,
Good luck
Unfortunately Otter creek has been closed to the public for a year and a half now. I loved going there when my husband was deployed and just hiking around. I didn't realize there were geodes there though. that's great. maybe I could get ahold of the current leasee's and get permission to go up there for a day. I'm going to have to look up most of those other places aside from west point, duffield and muldraugh. Those I know. haven't really gotten out and looked for geodes though. Thank you
I think almost and creek in Kentucky will produce geodes, some may be abundant other scarce, but they will be there. louisville, metro parks owns Otter Creek, they have been trying to give it to the State for years. This is just me being me, but as long as I pay taxes to the city that park is not closed to me. I was out there a week or so ago with my sister and walk down to the river, just kicking about. The thing about many streams in Kentuckyis, there will be geodes washed out and carryied all over the place, thing is they are small comparedto Halls Gap, or the aggies found along the green river. Post a call on this site to Steve Garza, hes in Southern Indiana and about the best naturalist in the Ohio Valley, or contact Alan Goldstien at the Falls of the Ohio, he's our local expert and a super guy. Steve however does the best bird impersonations in the world. My wife was with me one time when we bumped into Steve at flea market in Clarksville, the bird calls blew her away! I will tell you a secret about Fort Knox, its not Geology its Archaeology. The conflunce of the Rolling fork river and the salt river happens on Fort Konx, its called Atherton flats. It was a mississippian age settlement, that rivals Cahokia in illinois. My Father was raised in this area, and was stationed and trained at Fort Knox at the begining of WW2, I still have the artifacts he found when he was there.
Good luck, and if you wish just click on my name in these post an email me, if i can help, I'd be glad to.
If you head down to the main boat ramp at Nolin Lake and veer off to the left you can find a waterfall not far past the rocks that jut out over the lake. There, off to the side is an exposed geode. I've camped there a few times. The geode is just large enough for two people sleep comfortably inside.
Steve G.
Dear Charity;

    You CAN collect near Ft. Knox; I take people there ALL the time & they have a marvelous time. See    , as well as other posts about geode collecting in IN/KY area. I need your e-mail, before I can help. Click my reply header & you can send me an e-mail.

Your friend, Steve
George Finley
Charity. You ask about cutting open a geoge.
ONE. Check with a local Rock Shop and see if they have a way to cut open.
TWO. Check with a local Gem and Mineral Club to see if they have some one that cut them open.
THREE. Now you can do your self. I work as a Plumber's helper as a young man and the way we cut soil pipe was with hammer and cheale. You tur the item round and round making a line around the geoge. it will then break open. Be sure to wear gloves, long sleve shirt and eye protection. work on a hard surfice.
Over look my speeling, please. George.
Gary Asher
How can I contact you? My wife and girlfriend and my step daughter want to go geode hunting with you. (The wife and girlfriend are the same person, lol). You can text me at 502-641-1302. Thank you very much. Gary Asher
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