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We visited Propst Farm in Lincoln County, NC last Sunday 02/19/2017, and were unhappy to discover that the coffee can for donations has been replaced with construction equipment. Looking into the kitchen window of her house, it appears that the nice lady who has been so generous to let people dig, has moved, and the house is being renovated!

Not to be deterred, we placed $20 on the window sill under a chunk of quartz, and hoped not to get run off. We stayed to dig all day without altercation, but felt somewhat uneasy, and kept joking to ourselves that we might as well enjoy this trip, because it could be the last.

This trip I found one beautiful 2oz hex crystal amongst the quartz layer near the creek in a hole I'd worked on and found large hex crystals during our last visit in 2016 (the coffee can was still on the carport stairs then).

Does anyone know the fate of this wonderful collecting site? We can only imagine that new ownership will certainly change the nature of the property, and would be a shame for rock hounds.
Bob Harman
I know little of this locality, but a thread on this location was started in 2015 and the final posting was in June of 2016 (see the thread on the Probst Farm on page 3).    The lady that was so friendly has passed away and the property has gone thru some changes so you may want to double check it out again whether collecting is still allowed. Trespassing now????? A word to the wise.   BOB
Harry Polly
Mrs. Propst passed away in December, 2015. The family has been going through a period of transition, deciding what to do with the property. Some want to sell, some want to keep it open. The son-in-law lives next door and looks after the mine and property. He wants to keep it open, but has no say so in the matter. At the time being, the site is CLOSED. I will try to contact and get an update. The site was closed last summer over liability issues. Please do not go digging. It may prevent anyone ever getting back in.
Harry Polly
February 22, 2017 UPDATE!!!

Just talked with the son-in-law that lives next door and looks after the property. The family is looking at options, but no decision has been made, other than the property is closed to digging. Hopefully, this will be a temporary decision. Until further notice, please do not go there to dig. This may jeopardize any chance in the future. Please respect the family wishes.
Thanks for the update, and I will definitely not trespass. Before we went I had searched for any news of the site being closed, and didn't find any information. So, we just assumed it was still open. Now we know, too bad. So sad to hear that Mrs. Propst passed away, we were afraid of that. Hopefully the family will come to a good decision for the property.
Peter F
   Ron told me about the money under the rock. lol .. there has been an update at when it became closed to digging as well as the propst farm facebook fan page....
The house has been sold. The area in the woods where the big holes are are OFF LIMITS as it is up for sale and people will be ran off most likely if caught.
As for the area of the barns, it is now in the hands of the son-in-law (the house on the right), and he misses us. Some of you know he was the one that took care of the property. I'm heading to bed in a minute for an early start for the first day of 'allowed' digging at Propst. The area is limited to behind the first barn (big open front) where you pull in. I will get a general idea of the allowable area tomorrow and will post some kind of map on the facebook page.  . . . I'm sure some information might make it's way to as well.
Fee is $25.
Check the FB or website for updates and detailed info in the very near future.
If you go to the FB page, keep in mind that the "Propst" family members are still looking to sell the remainder of the land. And the digging is another area than in the past. It is handled by Ron.

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Harry Polly
I talked with Ron extensively over this last weekend. The last posting is correct, but needs a little clarification. Digging will be limited to the area behind the barn beside of his house, and the area in front. ALL HOLES MUST BE FILLED BACK IN AT THE END OF EVERY DAY OF DIGGING.
Yes, that is correct. Information will be posted at propst farm on facebook and I'm sure on the .com page soon.
Super glad to hear this! I though as I saw stuff on saturday it was an april fools joke.....looking forward to getting my clothes dirty again [wink].

The website and facebook page doesn't say anything about days available during the week, does anyone know if the "7am till dark" rule they have posted is for weekends only?


Every Day. The info is on I'll try and copy and paste the info on facebook from that page once it looks complete. I know everything happened so fast. First hearing on Tuesday but Ron still had "I's" to dot and "T's" to cross and managed to have it done by Friday. I was thinking some people might think it was an April Fools joke so I just put it out and went with it. About 20 showed up.
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