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Christopher Pond
I was wondering if anyone knows of any sites in Oregon to find Quartz crystals or amethyst?

All help would be GREATLY appreciated :]
Thank you.
hey there, there really aren't too many spots to get quality crystals in oregon except for a few places i know of that are illegal to collect, one such place being an arboretum near eugene. the only for sure crystal location open to rockhounds would be the saddle at the top between blue river and the calapooia river. it's closed due to snow now and probably won't open until july. there are a few mines up there but they're hard to spot unless you have someone with you who knows where they are. some are private claims as well adding to the confusion. check out the newest oregon gem trail book though by garret romaine not mitchel and it's in there as gold hill. another place is the bohemia gold mine region up brice creek and then up champion creek. there are tailing piles all over up there from the old gold days and i've found lots of decent crystals and clusters with gold spots in them. the crystals are always milky and iron stained though. i'd actually tell you to go up to washinton and visit the hansen creek site. it's easy as hell and the quality there can be astounding with amethyst, twins, water clear, scepters, clorite/pyrite/limonite inclusions, and larger sizes are possible there too but rare. you'll walk away with thousands from one afternoon if you have a good sifting screen and walk high up the slope to the upper pits. now if you are cool with large crystals up to a couple of inches on or in agate, the you might want to try digging out at the south fork crooked river pink limb cast sites near paulina oregon. the material from there is hard to find, but i have some real beauties. in my opinion, the largest quartz crystals from oregon come from there but they are on an agate matrix. also you need to find an extremely large limb cast for the potential of large crystals. you may need to move a few tons of overburden to get the good stuff. most sizes up there tend to be druzy or slightly larger. having said all that, anywhere you find agate, you have a potential for at least druzy and possibly larger, widening your search drastically. i even found a two inch sagenitic amethyst termination at seal rock ona beach site last winter. i mostly stick to my obsidian pits though but i love the crystals too. good luck.
Yeah the Blue River area has lots of potential for finding outcrops of crystals that are still accessible to the hound. The saddle or "Dragon's Back" will be snowed in right now as said in the last post. I have dug points up to 5" from the region. I have only heard of (but never seen) amethyst from up around Cougar Res as well. Also in southern Oregon there are loose quartz crystal deposits in Douglas Co.

Many places in the Ochoco Mts one can find crystals associated with the agate and in geode form.

Radial quartz flowers can be found closer to Mitchell in Central
Oregon and in several quarries in the cost range towards Newport.

Oregon is FULL of quartz, deposits of nice prismatic crystals are far less common. They are around!!

Good luck!!
Bill Thompkins used to have a great site up with some locations. It appears the site is no longer operational, but I did find his reference at Oregon Amethyst
Christopher Pond
I thank you for all your help! I currently reside in Roseburg, in Douglas County. I only know of a place out in the woods just outside a town called Peel near the town of Glide where theres some quartz pockets, nothing to great though, Other than that im unaware of anything else here.. If you know some sites or directions in Douglas id greatly appreciate it :]
Christopher Pond
Here are some of the specimens I have found in Douglas County, in my year of living here.

I hope to find more locations soon!
I am interested in finding out the areas in Washington and surrounding oregon areas to mine the crystals.

I am new to this, but love crystals. Can anyone tell me how to find the good sites, and what tools I need?

there are no "good" sites in oregon for quartz crystals and only decent ones in washington publicly at hansen creek(snoqualmie pass). screen and shovel here. the best crystals in the west are in montana all around lolo pass, and in northern california at petersen mtn. there's more further south, but petersen is known as the finest. there are claims and open public land. hard rock mining here.
There ARE some great locations in Western Oregon that produce quartz crystals, even amethyst, but all are on private land/claims.  I have been lucky enough to befriend many of the owners of sites and have been able to collect at spots.  The "Gold Hill" location in Blue River is a private claim and digging is no longer allowed. 
Joe S.
I have found some nice quartz crystals near Quartz Mountain off the South Umpqua. Also some good quartz occasionally found in Thief creek and Calapooya creek, all in Douglas county.

We own the Quartz Mine above Blue River and want everyone to know it is privately owned and collecting quartz is illegal.  They ARE NOT WELCOME.

krystal lynn hund
Carol, can you describe your property boundaries so that rockhounds can stay on your 'good side'? Or perhaps direct rockhounds to a map of your land/claim? Thanks.
Robt Cox for Carol Cox
Thank you for your response. The infinity load claim, ORMC # 161887 noted by a recent post ( digging of crystals etc ) sets on the ridge of the Calapooia and Blue River, Oregon as described. The discovery posting starts in the general area where FS road 2820 narrows and there is a sign  stating the end of Rd maintenance. From that point the claim will continue 320 ft on each side and 1320 in length. I do not have the paper work in front of me for exact degrees the centerlines runs but will post later. The boundary posts have been deliberately pulled up so at this point I will have to repost. In the past the property has been overrun by many so In the near future there will be cameras and more signs in the area to help alleviate this problem. The Infinity is under new management now but many individuals digging there knew that this has been a valid minning claim for over a decade but yet they continued to tear down signs and intimidate the owner.  Any crystals during that time were illegally obtained and I see a number of them for sale on some sites and state dug by hand in Blue River.   

In the future it should be know before going into an area to collect rocks the individual is legally bound by law to investigate the area to determine if there is a trespass being committed.  The fact that there are no signs is not an excuse because as you know people may tear down the signs.  You can research on the BLM site and research the LR 2000  data.  That will tell you if the area you are in is privately owned. The word should be passed to people who do not know.  Any questions, you can  e mail me at   Happy hunting, I am sure there are numerous individuals out there who respect others property.
Jack Cole
Beverly glass. had the claim, in past has that change'd?
robert cox
Beverly sold the claim to me in 2013.  I know the name Jack Cole from somewhere.  Have we met?
Brian Williams
Not sure what type of Quartz people are looking for but I know of several sites near Eagle point area and in the evans creek unit. Water clear crystals I have found on bute creek near lost creek lake. Usualy attached to rock though. As far as Milk color quartz, I have found one that was around 80 lbs and is in my back yard now. The site I found it at is an old mine that is no longer active. There is 2 large mounds of quartz that have all sizes. A lot of it is as big as your fist clear up to basket ball sized. There is also Quartz mountain near hemlock lake. If you want directions, feel free to email me at Hope this is what you are looking for.

I know this is a old thread, but there are a few spots up South Myrtle Creek that produce some really nice specimens. Here is a piece I found 1 minute after parking the truck.

Joe davis
Hey there. Just wanted to let u know that there is a place where you can dig beautiful quality crystals as well as gold and silver. I found a formation of crystals about 2 feet across and 10 inches thick. Also a florite matrix on dogtooth calcite [smile] not too far away from this spot I found what some say is agate,some opal, some chalcedony and tree trunk cast lol. It is 217 pounds and absolutely amazing. Anyhow, if u wanna go on some truly extraordinary digs in douglas county oregon email me. maybe we will climb the 600' waterfall to do some prospecting too [wink] hope to hear from you.
Joseph R Davis
Hope these pics upload. If not email me and I'll send.
Tammi C.
Thank you to everyone for the hints...its exciting. My go to spot has most always been Quartzville/Foster Lake, out of Sweet Home Oregon. I have a roadside hill that's full of quartz I always go to about 12 miles up and another maybe 8 miles is a hillside full of slate type rock and misc. full of pyrite crystals and chunks. That place is my serenity too...its so incredibly beautiful up there...lizards, waterfalls, overlooks, lake, river, streams, trees galore, unique and odd mushrooms, huckleberries, dams, bridges....its all there with gorgeous waters and amazing and diverse landscapes. Just be alert and mindful at all times on the very curvy road...side note: the road, if followed completely through, will bring you out around the Detroit area (from Sweet Home side, or vice versa...road trip through from Green Peter Dam is about 25 miles from what I understand?) Nice campground near Green Peter Dam, up about maybe 5 miles. Free camping has been terminated on bottom half of the journey up but resumes around Dogwood day use area, or so, about 10 ish miles up, along the roadside. There are many BBQ pit grills already established along the way and new little mini "rest areas", with all new bathroom facilities have just, within past 6 months or so, been built...they're really nice and dot the journey up. Tranquility at its best and good people around who share a love of the area and who are discovering what all it has to offer. Please just help keep it clean, as with any area you visit, explore, and enjoy. It only takes a moment to pick up and ensures the beauty and preservation of areas like these, where so many of us find our peace and feed our passions. [smile]
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