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Ive recently found Garnet in large rocks where I live. Some of it was small pieces in the edges of the rocks, Most was inside of them, I thought I would find alot but for the past week I havn't found any. But getting about 18 ounces of it is pretty nice.

Some of it is "Gemmy" from what ive been told. The rest is not as clear.

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: stone8.jpg, Views: 436, Size: 17.60 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: stone6.jpg, Views: 325, Size: 9.07 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: stone3.jpg, Views: 332, Size: 9.51 KB 

Any ideas what I should do with it all?
Jim Adams
Hi Dante,
Garnet is one of my favorite rocks, and you're lucky to find gemmy specimens close to where you live. Without giving away any secrets, where do you call home? Thanks for the pictures.
Ellijay, Georgia is where ive found it. Those are just pics of a few pieces, Some are more clear and bigger.
Jim Adams
What should you do with it? Just a couple of suggestions.

Take the best pieces and set them aside. Leave them just as they are. These should be labeled with the name of the mineral, and the location you found them. You could also include the date you collected them and the fact that they were collected by you. Serious collectors want specific details, and if you or whoever gets them after you want to get the best prices if they go up for sale, the info needs to be with them. If possible you should try to collect some still in the matrix (host rock). Collectors like to see the associated minerals the specimens were formed with.

For the rest...
You could join a local rock club. Most clubs have lapidary shops where you could try your hand at polishing a few up. Who knows, it might lead to a new hobby.
Ok thanks, Ill look into doing those things.


Hi neighbor!

You live in a very good area for garnet. From Ellijay, to Blairsville, to Copperhill, seems to hold many areas to find garnet.

Cleveland, TN
Whats are your suggestions on this? Im not sure if its ruby or something else, but one of the rocks is veerry red.

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: rubies.jpg, Views: 390, Size: 16.02 KB 

Humm? It's hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like corundum!

Corundum and garnet have about the same weight(specific gravity),
but garnet is between 6.5 and 7.5 in hardness compared to corundum's 9.

I have found both garnet and corundum in the same location, but most of the time it's been in alluvial deposits. A good example would be Cowee Valley where you find both corundum and rhodolite garnet in the same location.

If the location where you found them is known to have red corundum, then you may have the "hard stuff"!!

Corrundum? Ive never even heard of that stone, But its nice to know what it is now. I found some of the pieces in seperate rocks, and 1 piece (the really red one) in with some Garnet.
Don Robinson

You've heard of is an Aluminum Oxide or better known as Ruby if red and Sapphire if any other color...Waynes favorite stone!

Ohh, Well time to toss the book I have, its a small manual that supposedly lists all the stones there are, nothing mentioned Corrundum.
Donald Vaughn
Hey Dante an easy way to tell if its a ruby is to use a "blacklight" even a cheap fluorescent blacklight will cause a ruby to glow bright red of course its not a perfect way, since some other minerals will have a red glow, but in my experience most red minerals are colored by iron which will not glow unlike ruby which is colored by chromium. try scratching a piece of quartz crystal with the piece corundum is hard enough to scratch it.
Hey Dante,nice garnets and rubies!Garnets are awesome!I live in North Carolina and have found some large garnets in Burke County North carolina.The largest I have found is a a Twelve pounder.I will post some pictures of these large garnets soon.People are always amazed to see the size of my findings but it is expected here in North Carolina.
Hello, im from Norwich, Ct. im 31 ive been fishing the local rivers all my life and ive recently found a great bottle dump spot gotta be over 10,000 bottles ive already brought home over 200 bottles Ranging from 1.5 inches to 10 inches. i have started a face book page recently so will be posting all my bottles soon Antique BottleGuy look me up.and also arond the same area i have found a couple quarts rocks with some nice purple looking garnet or possibly red quarts. i attached couple pics. please help
Roxy Smith
Hi all iam from Vermont and I find these green rocks all over but I'm not sure what they are can you tell me the picture is attched thanks.
Roxy Simth
Hi again my rock picture didn't work I hope it does this time
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