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Jim Welker
I suggest you inquire at the Reno Gem & Mineral Society annual show at the Reno Livestock Event center on Wells Ave.  The dates are May 11 & 12th.  I think they will have a field trip on Sunday to Crystal Peak.  
Debi & John
My husband and I are coming up to go to Crystal Peak for the first time and wondered where else we can go in the area.  We are working on a bucket list, as John has cancer, but is a fighter and won't give up until he can visit every rock hounding site in CA and Nevada! Thanks for any help.  Debi
i'm visiting reno next week,looking for some ameture treasure hunting i can do with my 2 teen' not from nevada so any suggesttions would be helpfull. than you.

I would also know where the geode map of northern Nevada reno and around if you could please
hi all, with my wife and one of my kids and we are staying in border town NV to rock hound. Going to try to find our way to crystal peak mine but also interested in collecting cabbing material around here if anyone can point us in the right direction
Daniel barton
Hello John, hopefully your are still active on this website or have an active account. I was wondering if you know of good places to go hiking and find some gems. I want to take a group of young college students who love nature and would be amazed to see some cool gems. Please email me back!

Thank you!

Hi everyone! In New to rock hounding and had a day free so I thought I would give it a try. After researching on the web, I ended up at 395, exit 80.. is that by chance Peterson? And I will be back in this area in a couple weeks. Where is the best place in Verdi to rock hound?

Susan you need to get a book on rockhounding in Nevada and use the book to find rockhounding sites. Peterson Mountain is up 395 at the Hallelujah Junction and is not a site I would recommend for someone new to rockhounding.
Pasadena Pete
Hello! My 8 an 10 year olds and I are interested in a few hours of quartz crystal rockhounding in a couple weeks at Peterson Mountain. Does anyone have contact info for any claim holders we can ask for permission to dig? Please let me know. Many thanks!
I talked with one of the crews on Petersen this year in Quartzsite and they gave me these numbers to schedule dig times. 530-993-6058, 707-533-3645. The California side is open to rock hounds. Chris Rose says he has claims on the entire California side, but he said he doesn't care if rock hounds dig there as they do every single day. The best crystals are up top on the Nevada side anyway where everything is claimed.
Can someone tell me where i might go rock hunting for opals that doesn't cost anything and is legal?

The Virgin Valley area has opal mines. Most will allow you to rock hound there for a fee, which varies.

Maybe not the appropriate message board as the content appears more to be mineral and gemstone related... I love igneous rocks - old, weather polished basalt is a favorite, really any stone that has been polished by ice and water, the more character the better.

Does anyone here know of a good place for collecting such rocks near Reno?
I would think you would really enjoy a visit to Devil's Postpile National Monument in California down SR 395 from Reno. 
Thank you jaybates.  Anything you can think of within 1 hours drive that may have stuff.  And also, anywhere you can think of that would allow picking?
I am not really familiar or any sort of expert in basalt locations, but you might take a look at this report and see if there is anything you are interested in there that you may want to visit:
That guy is gull of crap hes trying to discourage you from hunting its in toiyobe national forest so there are no private claims within the park i have been going there weekly for 25 years and have found many crystals and cool quarts mostly small ones and mostly for fun if you check the lical rock and bead stores you can buy nice crystals for 50 cents so i dont think people are crystal hunting on a commercial basis trying to make a profit!! Some people get to protective and hoardy when it comes to " treasure hunting"
If you are hunting in a national forest(toiyobe" there are no claims on the sign it says you are limited to (i think, dont quote me" to two buckets a vehicle 2 times a week
If you head in from bordertown cross the tracks the dirt road turns to the left stay on that road staying to the right for about 8 miles you will come to a quarts road on the right which you can carefully drive up 500 ft or walk in if the road intimidates you there is also a camoground further on the the road you came up about a mile you can also stay on that road and exit out to verdi about another 8 miles or leave the way you came up from bordertown its a fun day adventuring with beautiful views of dog valley and cold springs and the wind rolling in is refreshing and magical i love this place and am fortunate having it as my backyard
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