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Hey Bill,

it was a lot of fun, actually both weekends were, we did a machine dig the first weekend, two weeks ago and then followed up with a group dig there last weekend...I had caught a cold between both weekends and the second weekend the first day I walked around most of the day with intense sinus pressure, but the second day was great, got down into the pit and dug into the top of the vein with everyone else and came home with several goodies.

anyone who didnt make it but thought about it, missed out on a great time.

Are there river rocks around the Branson area? The pretty ones with swirls? Going on vacation in a few weeks looking for some keepers.
Kayla Ottmo
it weighs about 12 pounds and is roughly the size of a bowling ball. one side is just rock the other is pink quartz like stuff. really clear, shiny, and pretty. I believe its drusy quartz. At least that's what I was told by a master geologist but all he saw was these same pictures. He thinks it might be worth close to $100 or even more. I was wondering anyone might know where I could sell this around Lebanon, Missouri. 
Hi, i stumbled onto your page when i was trying to find a rock minerologist or something. my parents found a big pink rock on our farm, and we think it might be some kind of geode, but we have no idea. I am in Hannibal, MO and if anyone knows a good place to take this rock to find out more about it, i would greatly appreciate it. rock1.jpg rock2.jpg rock3.jpg  here is a few pics of the rock, just in case someone might be able to tell from the pics.
Hi Patricia, 

Sullivan area here, just west of St doesnt look like any geode I have ever seen come from Missouri, most of the geodes that are located just north of the Hannibal area to the Keokuk area, have a grayish outer skin, they resemble more of a concrete or cement appearance in color, I have certainly never seen any pink skinned ones. [smile]

there are a lot of geologists on this site however and maybe one of them can help you identify it. Kind of looks like a jasper or agate type material to me. There is a lot of agate and petrified wood that washes down the Mississippi River all the time from the north and is found on gravel bars all the way down to New Orleans by rockhounds up and down the river. 

I have a geode hunting friend up in the Hannibal area named Bruce that might be able to look at it and help you with it as well. he is usually on the board from time to time. 

James [smile]

Bruce B
What timing! James its been months since I was on here and tonight I just had to pop in and see whats going on in between making smores and dinner.  

Thats not a geode. I'll be at the Quincy Mall set up in a couple weeks if you want to stop by and talk Patricia. That might be a fun one to stick on the rock saw and take a peek at whats inside.  Bruce
Definitely need to cut that rock open, looks solid from the pics but is hard to tell.  If you do, post some more so we can see.
Theresa Scott
Hi Rob, I realize your message is dated 2010 but I am a treasure hunter also. I look any & everywhere! Mississippi River bank when water is down, anywhere. I just love the artifacts, rocks, bottles, things that probably have not seen human hands in centuries, if ever. Fossils, Indian artifacts, you name it. If you are in the club that meets at Wash U. that is good. I have not called them yet but will sometime. I usually go alone because when I go, I will be back,when I get back! Broken down with bad back, etc. but the time spent just wondering about and the enjoyment is too good to have anyone asking "when are you going to be ready to go?"Write if you like as it is hard to find rock hound buddies you probably have many by now. Sincerely, Teri
I work on towers, which takes me all over. I have coordinates to a place that is public, free, and the Drusy is everywhere. I have a pretty decent sized hole dug into the side of the cliff where I find all of my good pieces, but they are everywhere you look. Disregard the geodes in the picture with all of the rocks, they are from sheflers farms. I tried to attach photos, but it wouldn't let me. Coordinates: N37 27'07.0 W90 53'15.2   Happy Hunting!
Hello I'm new to this page and I was wondering if anybody knows how big Missouri geodes get before I bother digging the big cement like rounding rock up I believe it to weigh 25-30 lbs thanx
Mike Streeter

Missouri nodules and geodes can reach up to nearly 3 feet in diameter or around 300 pounds if solid.

Brittany thomlinson
Hello, I've seen some of these older post and had a few questions if anyone could help. I live in Washington county Missouri and I've recently started rock hounding. I've collected a variety of specimens including druzy, agate, botryiodicals and much more and unique specimen's. I'm trying to find someone who would like to buy some or all of my collection. Selling super cheap I need to make room to add more specimens. There all raw rocks mined by me and my partner. Willing to drive to st. Louis to sell. These specimens are really easy access free for me to get so i also have abundance. Thank you for your time and info will greatly be appreciated
Bob Harman
HI BRITTANY, The way I would approach your request is 2 fold. Firstly I would find your local and nearby rockhounding club(s). Find out their meeting place and times. Then I would take a few examples and attend the meetings as a guest. Show the club members your examples and see the club members interest and ask if anyone is interested in them.
Other option is to check to see if any mineral dealers are in your area. Go to their shop or call them and set up an appointment to see if any are interested in your specimens. It has been my experience that no one will show much real interest until they get to know you and see your examples in person.                    Hope this helps.    BOB
Hey I was reading a blog and your statement about knowing some other places piqued my curiosity I just moved here from San Diego CA I now live in St Peters can you give me some tips?
James your statement about knowing some other places piqued my curiosity I just moved here from San Diego CA I now live in St Peters can you give me some tips?
Hey Joseph, 

wow quite a culture shock to go from San Diego, aka paradise, to St Peters, Missouri, bet you are really digging the deep freeeze weather we have here now, too....pun intended. [smile]

I dont know any places in the St Charles County area where one can go fact I dont know of any places in St Louis County, other than maybe a few roadcuts, but you have to be careful in your metropolis as well as the St Louis County Metropolis due to MODOT being kind of finicky about rockhounds looking for crystals and minerals at their roadcuts. I have seen several roadcuts in St Louis County where it appears someone has been rockhounding there in the past year, but in the past they have been a bit against it there and up in northeast Missouri as well. 

in other parts of the state, like the southeast Missouri region, they could care less about it. I do most of my rockhunting in Washington County which is just south of me and other areas in south central Missouri, southern Arkansas for quartz, wavellite, and smokey quartz, fluorite in western Kentucky, geodes, fluorite, calcite, and barite in central Kentucky, and might go out to Colorado later this year for some collecting as well. I also hope to get up to east central Iowa for some beautiful barites and irredescent calcites this year too. 

I would suggest joining a Missouri Club or two, not so sure on the St Louis Clubs except for one I was a member of the past two no longer a member of it going forward mainly because they only go on three field trips per year, those only in the fall season. I am a member of the Memphis, Tennessee Club called MAGS, they are a very active Field Trip oriented club and they join me on trips here in Missouri as well as Arkansas and Kentucky. 

I`m also a member of the Hot Springs, Arkansas club and another club or two out east, but if you are open to traveling a little ways from St Peters, I would highly recommend checking out the clubs around Columbia, Missouri and Lincoln, Missouri, I believe both of those clubs are active in field trips as well, the Lincoln Club is blessed to have the Missouri State Gemstone prevalent in their area, Mozarkite and they have their Mozarkite show each year in September. There is a farm up there owned by one of their longtime members and he allows rockhounds to come to his farm and dig for mozarkite and plenty of people have done that over the years. Several make jewelry from it and tumble rough as well. I have gone rockhunting with one of the Kansas City clubs in southwest Missouri and they are a good active group to go hunting with as well. 

I think there are a couple of other clubs in the St Louis area but I do not know anything about them, whether they are active or not in terms of field trips. there is a club up in Keokuk, Iowa, which is at the northeast corner of Missouri, and they are an active field trip oriented club where geodes are found all over the place...however many landowners up there no longer allow freelance rockhunting on their lands any longer up there due to some unscrupulous rockhounds in the past few years, who went in and trespassed to get geodes to sell, some even tore up crops and damaged property in doing so, so basically these days the only times you can get to the really good rare spots up there for geodes is to go during Geodefest in late September or know someone that can get you into those areas with written permission from the landowner. 

you have to be careful in eastern Washington County looking for bladed barite, otherwise known as tiff, and druse, because landowners down there have been besieged with portable meth labs trespassing on their lands. law enforcement is heavily patrolling many of those areas and even rockhounds caught on private property are now subject to arrest if caught on private properties. 

hopefully that helps you with some information. I happen to know a couple of places where the druse quartz is literally laying all over a ten acre tract of land and quite plentiful, I have taken people there including clubs for the past few years with no problem, and I know a few other places as well. give me a shout at if interested. I havent been lately but that is because of the extremely cold temps we have been enduring lately. My next major rockhunting trip will likely be western Kentucky in late March. 

you can view my blog site at

James [smile]
near St Louis
Hey guys, i live in mansfield mo and i was wondering where the best place to find geodes and other minerals here. Thanks, Noah
Bob Harman
NOAH,     If your Mansfield Missouri is about 40 miles East of Springfield on US 60, then there are no geodes found in your area. The closest area in Missouri where collector quality geodes might be reliably found is in the extreme NE part of the state in Clark County near the Mississippi river. This area extends across the river to Keokuk Iowa and Hamilton Illinois. There are several fee for digging geode mines in this area and several additional sites as well.
 Druzy quartz might be found in a number of areas including Washington County.  You might be able to buy specimens (probably not collect) from the Viburnum Trend mining district from miners or rock shops in SE Missouri near the district around Iron County and other nearby counties.
Good hunting, BOB
I would love to take my kids rock hounding...we already found a bunch of fossils near Sliex,MO and now they would like to find some minerals...are there any places close to the St Louis area that anyone knows of??
This is prob the best link for finding fossils around the St Louis area that I know of :

James [smile]
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