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I would not use veggie oil. When the saw heats up, that stuff bakes on just like happens in baking glassware. You get that orange yellow brown colored film that is cooked right on to the surface. That stuff is nearly impossible to get off. I have heard many horror stories of that stuff caking up inside the saw and the people being unable to remove it with a ridiculous amount of work.

As for antifreeze, I see no obvious health problem as long as you use marine potable water antifreeze instead of the regular more toxic stuff. The MSDS for potable water antifreeze is very similar to that for almag and other oils as far as safety is concerned. Keep in mind that potable water antifreeze was very recently a standard ingredient in icecream to deter the formation of ice crystals. And it's still approved for that use, except the icecream industry has since found something cheaper..
Jack Cole

I use Chevron Shingle oil, Flash point 361-F degrees.
In my large saws.

And the pink RV anti-freeze in the 10" trim saw.

The club use`s the RV antifreeze to.

In the 70s i was using Kerosene mixed with No. 2 stove oil.

Flash point to low, lucky not to been roasting rocks then.

In a Highland - park BBQ.

The Chevron shingle oil is very thick, i put in 2 Quarts of transmission oil in the large saws. not to thin it, but to add detergent to the oil.

Helps with the cleaning of the slabs.

Some coolant used in large saw smell bad, if so dump in a cup of Pine sol.

Jill Moffitt
Just started using mineral oil with very positive results.
Doreen Cleveland
What about using castor oil for model airplanes rather than mineral oil on the Rick saw
Mike Streeter

Since the physical properties of mineral oil and castor oil are similar, it seems to me that the latter would indeed work as a coolant in a slab saw.  However, castor oil is at least twice as expensive as comparable mineral oil so it is not an economical alternative.

Old rock guy
I dont care what anybody says...when you cut make sludge..most of it toxic to begin with like a mine pond go ahead and add petroleum products to we have the EPA equivalent of a toxic waste dump...yes rust can be an issue if you dont maintain your equipment and just want to cut until the sump is packed with crud and oil shits..Okay where do you all dump that toxic waste ...where ?? I been cuttin rocks since the 50's and I know one thing for sure, not in any mine in alaska or bc cutting jade and granite by dropping the stone on a turning blade in a creek down a slide ramp,not in any shop cutting counters in a city, not in any marble quarry, not in any granite quarry...not in any city where they use 4 foot blades to cut through foundations and they cut with oil of any kind. So I am hearing its because of heat...turn the feed down and GO SLOWER?...its cost too much for blades...dont PUSH at them so hard?...I cut too much rock..well ya need to be able to consume blades and not continue to pollute the air and ground, and yes they cost money DUH? Water is a no no?????... do you think people have been using to cut rock for centuries!?!?  SO here we cut rock the way you want use what you want clean as needed, as you want to...and remember this...the lapidary business is just that..its a business that promotes itself by saying you "NEED" to do it this way..I can prove every one of those way to be just one side of a coin. I have been on the trail for a long long time..and I have seen the "sales" of many things that some "need"..and some dont. Make your own decision based on $$$, your ethics about the end result pollution, and whether you want to immerse anything in petroleum products or oils of any kind...and where you stand in this issue is your own decision. Rust lives where metal water and air live...use your saw..then empty it...rinse it...and dry it out..I use an old dog salon dryer to blow dry my 18" saw every time...and have never ever used oil in it. Now I know there will be shrieks and howls over this...but like I said..I been cutting with water alone for 50+ years its not all about oil or not..its about whether you choose to use it or not. Rock on and do your own you. I do.
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