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I am looking for places in/around WI to take an 8 year old rock collecting/hounding, any suggestions? We are open to anywhere within a 2-4 hour drive of the Appleton, WI, area.

Thanks so much!
I would start by hitting some lake michigan beaches for starters.
David Von Bargen
You might want to get in contact with:

Weis ‘n’ Miner Rock Club
Hi Lesley,

Donna sould be posting to this one. She is involved with a rock club in Oshkosh, WI. She lives in Omro, WI.

There is Quartz at: FOREST COUNTY: Quartz is the major constituent of the quartzite of McCaslin Mountain where it also occurs as large crystals and clusters locally in veins. Major outcrops are in Sec. 33-36 T.34N. R.16E. (Eckert, 1980). Quartz Hill is well known as a locality for collecting quartz crystals either loose in the soil or in vuggy veins cutting quartzite. Crystals, which may be several centimeters long, are white to clear abd nay be doubly terminarted (Beard, 2002)

You can check out Dr. Bill Cordua's web site here; Dr. Bill Cordua You will find all locations of minerals for WI. I hope this helps you out some.

KOR Carl in Tigerton, WI
Hi Lesley, Carl is right, Donna N is the leader of this group, maybe she hasn't checked in for a bit so.....sorry for the long post but this is good info...

I got this email from the UW of Oshkosh, I am on the emailing list for the Geology Dept. so I think it should be ok to share, seemed to be an open invitation. This will help you get some contacts in your area.

Diamond Hunters News - May 6, 2008

The Diamond Hunters will be meeting this Saturday, May 10 at UW-Oshkosh Geology Dept., Harrington Hall, 846 Elmwood Avenue, Oshkosh, WI at 9 AM.

Park where you have several hours time as we will be there until noon.

We will celebrate with Kelsey Putman, our mentor and loving instructor of the past year and half, who is now graduating and leaving the area. We are so lucky…to have had her instructing us and now for Sarah Jeffreys and Mitch Nothem to be willing to lead us onward.

One of the fun things we will do is to make collecting bags for field trips. If you have any old jeans that have holes in knees bring them. We will use them.

Tammy is bringing her sewing machine to sew them up, you all can cut and design.

There will be fun stuff to paint and glue on and pockets for your notepad and pen.

We will also learn about the calcite we will be finding and some other fun stuff.

Towards lunch time we will have hot dogs, chips and orange drink. Anyone wanting to bring anything else fine……..or bring your own lunch fine…..then soon as we are finished eating we will go to the quarry to arrive by 1PM.

We are going into the field trip season kids………the really fun, fun stuff. Last fall we visited Albrights Quarry, just east of Omro where we found nice calcites, some petrified wood and the owner gave us a fossil filled with chalk which Kretzmann’s have at their home. It was a productive and satisfying experience for the collector.

Mr. Albright has blasted the wall a lot more and has graciously invited us back in.

We will leave by 12:30, car pool if possible, and be at the quarry at 1PM. Leave when you want to. Wear old clothing, if you are hitting a rock wear goggles and gloves, hard matrix so you may want to bring heavy mall, chisels, etc if you have them. Otherwise chunks will be in piles to pick from and walk around… never know what there is just waiting for you to pick up. All ages can attend this field trip. I’ll bring waivers to the meeting to sign for Mr. Albright's protection……

Saying you take your own responsibility for safety and injury.

For the month of June we will attend the club picnic at Jay Shulkes home, 1262 Glane Court , Oshkosh (920) 235-0418 and take something for pot luck and meat if you want to grill. Utensils, plates, drink will be provided. We’ll be painting rocks, polishing stones, lots of fun stuff so bring family and friends for a fun day. Meetings the second Saturday of the month will resume in September 2008.

If any families have a field trip they want to go on in the month of June please plan and advise.

Donna Nolte, Diamond Hunters Youth Group
Oshkosh Earth Science Club
Donna Nolte
Thanks for getting the info up on the Diamond Hunters. I haven't been on the board for several weeks as time limited.
Catching up tonite and so much good stuff to read. You all have a great time after the fluoride now...wish you all the best.

We are looking forward to anyone with children to come and join in. Should be great dig as the walls have been recently blasted and who knows? Calcite/quartz for kids will have a collecting bag, a little squirt bottle with vinegar to test for calcite, their notebook and pen in the pocket of the bag. Anyone wanting to make a collecting bag you take old pair of jeans, cut off legs, turn inside out and sew the bottom leaving the waist alone......then zip and snap shut, run a seam on that. For the shoulder straps you cut the sewn part of the legs as these are stronger, sew to the bag now made....presto. The jean pockets work for storing pen and pad for notes, plastic zip lock bags for collecting small choice stuff....etc. This group really rocks!

Last Saturday we had Open House at our busy lapidary shop.
We gathered artists doing metal engraving, free form stone, gold and silver smithing, glass blowing, wirewrapping, jewelry of various styles, and the general lapidary shop projects.
Purpose was to introduce community with what classes will be available and we had successful sign up for them. We set up cases of all types of lapidary work to show what can be done.
We all learned from each other and interaction among the artists was really cool beans! Stained glass classes start in the fall.
My wild current bush is perfuming the yard like Old Spice and bird houses are full.....feels good to touch stone outside again
Nic Barth
Have a nice collection of rocks petrified wood and minerals and different types of crystals that I'm lookin to sell want to sell whole collection email with serious inquiries
Chad Shearer
Greetings all,

Anybody know of a good hounding location within a decent drive of Montello?

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