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Tony B.
Recently got and broke open a good sized round geode about 6-7" in diameter.  The spilt was right down the middle and pretty clean.  Would love to get the two faces polished up, but not sure where to get this done.  Live in NW Indiana.  About 1 hour SE of Chicago and 1 hour NW of Lafayette.   Any referrals or help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
Hi I live in southern indiana and have recently found about a dozen or more geodes. Just curious to know where to sell them at? I have four that are huge and would barely fit in my floor board of my suv. I know there is a difference in them but do not know what kind. The four big ones are white and the little ones are brown. I have not busted them open because someone told me they would be worth nothing if I did. Any answers would be great!
Mike Streeter

Cant' really tell you where you could  sell your geodes, other than maybe Ebay, but I will say that Indiana geodes are fairly common and aren't really worth a whole lot on the open market.  And, since the vast majority of mid-western geodes are duds and you can't tell if they are any good until they've been split, not opening them really deflates their potential selling price.

Thanks Mike! I think I will just keep them as a flower bed decor. I actually like collecting rocks. I have seen some on ebay and alot of them are absolutely beautiful. I have heard that Squire Boone Caverns buys them if they are rare but I am not too for sure. Thanks for replying.
Hi all!!

 A group of friends and i just came from a dig in Keokuk (geodes) and are now hooked! We have read several posts about going to Indiana and we weer thinking that might be the next stop. I know that things change and it looks like the latest post is from 2009...any new locations, hot spots or suggestion from anyone?

Thank you in advance
April Sark
Hi! This summer I began finding small geodes, crinoids and fossils along the shores of Lake Michigan. I have the "bug" and want to find larger ones. If anybody lives in the NW Indiana area and would like to go on geode expiditions, I would love to have someone to search with!
Michael Carpenter

Hi April-


I tried clicking on your name to email you but I got an error message when I went to send it. I live in the NW indiana area (miller/gary) and have recently begun spending time at the dunes and collecting rocks on the shores of lake michigan. I'd love to have a rockhound friend to find some geodes and other cool stuff with. my email is

John M McCabe
Hello - I am planning to get a jump on some early collecting around Lake Monroe area.  I have called twice and spoken to rangers that they have no problem with me collecting.  The tricky part is deciphering public to private land.  Are there people who WILL give you permission.  I was last in this area back in 1980 when for of us Geology students and collected in a very large cut in the hillside near the dam.  There were more than we could bring home!  Is this site still viable or should I concentrate on nearby streams?  I am fortunate to have topo maps of the entire area.  It has just been so long since I collected there and wondered if there is any advice I should have.  Thanks much
matthew rudicil
what can i find around richmond indiana ? i just joined our rock club and getting into the hobbie and learning to cut rocks and shape them and having fun at it .
I drive down to the Bloomington In area at least 10day every month to collect Geodes and i have never had any problems, i usually stop at bridges and walk down the sides and enter the water and far i have not had any issues. Late summer is the best time when the water is low, know is not a good time.
Karen Mann
Mom and I are heading down to Bloomington, IN for a wedding this Saturday.  I was thinking about doing a bit of rock hounding while we are down there.  Any suggestions for good spots that a fairly spry 68 year old woman can get to?  Mom refuses to be left behind in the car!  (she's probably in better shape than me, too...)  She is an old hand at field collecting, used to do it with her parents back in the 50's/60's.  I'm pretty new at it, although I had a ton of fun digging out Quartz in Arkansas last fall on my way home from Texas. 
Clarence Snyder
As stated before, Southern Indiana down thru Kentucky is a great place for hunting geodes. Finding a place to hunt is the hard part. Gatesville Indiana is a very small town just north of Brown County State Park. The creek behind the Country Store in Gatesville is open to anyone wanting to collect. The area is well stocked with geodes as well as fossils and other interesting minerals. Gatesville is one of the best spots to prospect for gold in the state. depending on the time of year your their you can find geodes from as large as softballs to as small as a dime by the bucket full. Just stop in at the store and let them know what your their for. You can drive right up to the creek (Saltcreek). 
Gatesville Country Store
4525 Salt Creek Road
Nashville, IN 47448
(812) 988-0788
Debbie Hamilton
Are any of the creeks around Monroe lake still accessible that you can find crinoid crowns?  The only ones I know of are allens creek and another on the boy scout reserve from a very nice gentlemen that is helping me with my research of the Edwardsville Formation.  I currently collect a lot in Crawfordsville, IN but I really need some specimens from the other localities for my project.  Thank you very much for your help.
Mike Streeter
Hey Bob,

Excellent current information and advice.  Thanks for posting it here!

What a great website!  Remember that finding great fossils and geodes may be as close as your own front yard!  I find something exciting nearly every time I search through the landscaping gravel in my own flower garden.
Be carefull not all police play by the same rules, i was down in Morgan County a few weeks ago and was working a road cut. several officers drove past a waived but the DNR officer pulled over and was a real not very pleasant. I asked him why this was an issue and he advised because he said so and it was his call. I currently have an legal looking into this. So please be carefull.
Joe Shlabotnik
The gentleman in Trevlac is correct about the private property rules on most creeks in Indiana.  There are only two creeks in Brown county considered "navigable" by the state of Indiana, and those are NOT private property.  Bear Creek is not on the state list of navigable waterways and thus is private property.  Funny thing is that the list was compiled when Indiana became a state in 1816 and has never been amended.  

I also live on a non-navigable creek and researched this issue when a neighbor insisted his kids had a right to play in the creek in front of my house.  They do not have that right.  If one of them got hurt I could be sued.
I love this site there is so much great info shared, thanks to all. I live in central Indiana so i decided to hit the road this morning for a day of rock hunting. I don't think i have ever found so many Geodes in all my life, i filled 4- 5 gallon buckets plus some to large to fit. Some look like they have agate coloring on the outside multi colored lots of browns, oranges and rust colors. I did not realize how much i had until i had to carry them back to my truck. I have them soaking in water to get the dirt off.
Hello, I have lived in Indiana almost 53 years and have rock hounded the biggest part of those years. The only places i have ever had any issues with the law was at southern Indiana road cuts and a couple of times when i did not realize that i had ventured onto someones property by mistake. I have recently found a few good site to hunt Geodes in west central Indiana so i no longer need to drive south.
Hey guys, I don't know if this is relevant to this forum but my brother and I found some exceptional river geodes in the bloomington area, just south of lake Monroe. We tried the road cuts around the area and found sufficient geodes...between 1/2"-5"....but were expecting larger (higher quality ones) we decided to hike the horse paths along and through the rivers...and found MUCH better ones.

Be warned this is not easy or clean searching...

If this sounds like something you're interested in email me!

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