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Hi everybody!Below are some photos of a quartz geode that was found at a farm on Elm Street in Monroe,CONNECTICUT back in the 1920's or thereabouts.It was passed down to me by my maternal grandmother over 35 years ago.It appears similar to those from Indiana or Kentucky.Many American Indian artifacts have been found on the same farm so my theory is that it may have been brought there by the native people.I spent many Summer days searching the area's stonewalls,but I never found anything else like it.It has traces of rusty soil stains in the "craters".Please ignore any green that you might see,as it is not malachite.It is over spray from my 7th grade Social Studies project!Any theories?
Keep on Rocking,

, Photobucket
jay bates
More than likely it was carried there by a former owner of the farm from a location in Indiana or Kentucky. Just curious but who is Inspector 71 of the San Franacisco Police Department?
jay bates
Oh, I just found it on Google. Its Dirty Harry, Inspector Callahan of 44 mag fame.
Tom K.
That is a rare find for CT Earl.

I think you and Jay hit the nail on the head.

Do you live in CT?

Tom K.
Joe D.

They look like what they call "Brains" around Payson, Arizona. They lay all over the ground just off a forest road near Payson. There are also some nice Quartz crystals that rival Herkimer Diamonds there and further down the road.

I had a few buckets of them but my grandchildren have broken most of them open over the years. They like them because they could pound on them for hours without hurting anything. They are more in the line of "Nodules", since they don't have much of any open center like "Geodes".

Joe D.
Don Robinson

I have found this type of Geode in the Maryville, Tn. area. They are some what small (I have not found any over 3 inches in diameter)and they have that white outer chalcedony exterior and have the same quartz crystal interior. Some of them appear grey at times. some of the specimens I have cracked open do not have crystals in them but a jumble of clayey material.

Hi Tom!Yes,I do live in Fairfield County,Connecticut.I am not rich,however!I was born here and I can't afford it!I only "found" half of this specimen and it was under grandma's porch.She originally had been given both halves by the hired man from the farm up the street.He never traveled and always told her that he found it on the farm.I don't know if it was broken when he found it.Grandma had misplaced the other half of it over the years.One day I looked under her porch and I re-found it for her.She then gave all of it to me.
Hi Joe!It's funny that you compare it to your Payson,Arizona "Brains"!When I was really little grandma used to have half of the specimen on a table in the upstairs of her house.The bathroom was upstairs too so on a moonlit night the rock seemed to glow from the moonlight like a disembodied brain.I used to call it the brain rock.She had a potted parsley plant in the room also,so I have always associated the brain rock with the smell of parsley.
It does have a tiny crystal hollow,but out in the famous geode locales of Indiana or Kentucky it would most likely be tossed out.
Hi Don!I will have to try and get out to Maryville,Tennessee one of these days and try to find it's smaller local cousins.Can you send me some more specific directions?
Has anybody out there ever heard of anything similar being found in the Northeast?
Keep on Rocking,Earl
By the way,Mike.Thanks for straightening out my thread.I am new at posting pictures!
Don Robinson

Our farm house is off 411 but I believe you can find them in any clay washout areas in that general area (Tri-cities Knoxville/Sevierville/Pigeon Forge). I have found them mostly in eroded spots in clay fields or road side washouts. When you find them they will be that rusty red clay color till you clean them then they look just like what you have in the photos white round spheres. 3 out of 5 should have crystals in them. The last few times I have been to the farm house I have not found any. My Dad just built a large storage building and excavated an area along a hillside next to the farm house and said he did not see any the whole time it was barren so I think it is one of those things that "they are here in this spot but not over there in that spot" type thing.

Luck of the draw?

I still look for them when I am up there but the farmer that leases for his cattle has fixed the erosion problem and the only place left to possibly find them there is in the creek or the pond area when it is dry.


Tom K.
I live in New Haven County,was born here,am not wealthy and can't afford to live here either!

I find that collecting in CT is pretty tough as most of the collecting sites have been either picked pretty clean or no longer exist.

It's been suggested to me to try road cuts especially new ones but I just can't make myself go out to collect near a highway with cars and trucks passing by at 70 mph.

I did go out to a few new home construction sites and found some very low quality garnets but they're like grapes on a vine in CT so nothing to brag about.

I got about 6 yards of processed stone from Island Quarry in Shelton and it's just chuck full of garnets.After spending many,many hours crawling around on my knees I found 1 garnet crystal specimen with the garnets being about 1mm-2mm.
I had to inspect over 100 that I found with a 10x loupe before I finally found that one!

As far as lapidary material here I doubt if it exists other then poor graded quartz.

Do you collect here?

Tom K.
Hi Tom!It's good to hear from another person who lives here in the "wonderful" state of Connecticut!As far as collecting here,I only know of a few halfway decent places such as the garnet mine in Southbury/Roxbury and the cinnamon garnet locale in West Redding,if that is even still available.We take a few trips out of state each year to satisfy our collecting urges.I am into geodes and the quartz family so pickings are a bit slim here for my tastes.Right now I am working on planning a Fall trip to Kentucky for geodes,but things keep getting in the way so I am getting very frustrated!As far as road cut collecting here in Connecticut,I believe that it is illegal per the D.O.T. to collect on state highways.
Hi Jay!I'm sorry that I didn't respond to you yesterday,but the girlfriend was bugging me while I was on the computer!"Inspector 71" is a friend of mine who was helping me post the pictures.I am not too great with this technological stuff!It is most likely that the "Monroe Geode" was brought here as nobody else seems to have ever found anything similar in these parts.I don't even know if it was already open when that hired man found it on the farm.It is split nearly perfectly,but there are no chisel marks or even soil pipe cutter wheel marks on it so how it was opened is a mystery as well.If it broke naturally it is amazing how evenly it broke.It was the first rock that caught my attention.
Keep on Rockin',Earl
Hi Don!I checked out an aerial view of what I believe is your farm thanks to the wonders of Mapquest!The "Little River" out back has probably collected some of these geodes in it's meanderings even if they are only found "here and there" in the area.Maybe one of these days I will try to visit Maryville and poke around for some friends for Grandma's rock.
Don Robinson

There is a lot of construction going on up there (at least there was when I was up there last) road work mostly you may want to check those areas if you get up that way.

You might get lucky and find anything in the Little River it is fed by many creeks and streams that start up on Clingman's Dome there is igneous rock up there and I hear a pegmatite or two old gold mine is on some map...of course it I believe is in the park.

I will see if I can find the few remaining geodes (I think 3 were left)that I have found and post them.

Good Luck

Tom K.
Hi Earl,
When I first got hooked on minerals I bought every book about CT collecting that out there.I was really interested in the old info as I thought it would help me to find some collecting sites that might be forgotten about and re-open them for myself.

I better explain before I go on that I am not a mineral collector so to speak.What I like are crystals and not just a rock with some sort of mineral on or in it.

Well anyway,,,I went to several of the old collecting sites all excited and loaded to the hilt with diggin tools only to find they are all gone.

I did find green beryl at the Portland-South Glastonbury pegmatite quarries but I think some of them are also closed or just developed now.

My true "love" is in lapidary and now that I'm retired I'm one tumblin, grindin,polishin,stone settin fool!I do it EVERY day and am enjoying it to it's utmost!

Good luck collecting and I hope you find the mother of all geodes in you search!

Tom K.

Hi Don!I may be within about 130 miles or so of your farm in early October if my Kentucky geode trip comes together!Maryville,TN is not too far from the geode beds of Lake Cumberland in Kentucky,huh?I take it that you no longer live on the farm?Do you still live anywhere near there?I will see if I can "tweak" my trip plans to pass through that area.Are these construction areas road cuts or what?Can you give me some clues where they are?Are your local/state cops friendly to rock hounds?
Hi Tom!Your story sounds quite similar to mine.I started collecting in the early 70's when we studied geology in elementary school.My mother bought me many books on collecting areas both local and far,far away.Even back then most of the places were built over or off limits to collecting.I tried my luck at the old tungsten mine in Trumbull,the Captain Cook quarry in Stepney,the cinnamon garnet site in West Redding,the Booth Bismuth mine in Monroe and on a dirt road in Roxbury,Ct.I had no idea what to look for or how to look for it in the first place!I found a couple of inch long quartz crystals at the Booth mine,a chunk of purple fluorite at the tungsten mine that I thought was amethyst until I broke it and some garnets in the crushed schist rock that the town of Roxbury used for a road surfacing material.With the 70's gas shortage and my mother's declining health I didn't get to go collecting at many places.I wanted to join a club,but it never happened.I ended up doing most of my "collecting" at rock and mineral shows and a few rock shops.I would save up all of my money to buy "guaranteed hollow" geodes to "find" amethyst and smoky quartz in them.In the mid 70's I bought a vibrolap machine to polish the faces of my now 300 strong geode collection.Before I ever got to use it our cellar got flooded during a freak cloudburst and my tumblers and the new vibrolap were ruined.(Our cellar almost never floods as we live on a hill!)This sort of ruined the hobby for me and I went over to fishing.My car went bad in the mid 80's and I had to sell my rock collection to raise funds for a new engine.Bummer!In the Early 90's I went to Herkimer,but my companion chickened out as soon as we got to the mine and I left in disgust.In the mid 90's i bought a new tumbler and I ordered a bunch of material from Goodnow Gems in Amarillo,Texas.Most of it was supposed to be pre-sized for tumbling,but they ended up sending me a box full of mostly fist-sized rocks!I was still attending the local club shows to maintain my interest,and in 2007 I went to Arkansas for a horror movie convention with my girlfriend.Since we were going all the way out there we decided to try some digging.(That's another story for later!)Last year we went to Keokuk,IA/Hamilton,IL during the "Geode Fest".This year we hope to make it to Kentucky,but things aren't looking too good for this right now.Time will tell!I am mainly into crystals myself,especially quartz.I love geodes as each one is like a different crystal lined world.
Keep on Collecting,
Don Robinson

No I live in Florida but go up there at least once or twice a year (if I am lucky). I may be up that way around Thanksgiving if all goes well.

The road under consruction was 411 south of Maryville I believe in and around where "sir Wayne" lives but maybe not. It was under construction between Etowah and Sweet water and maybe furhter south. I believe also an area on Rt129 coming into Maryville/Alcoa from I-75. You may find some of the famous "marble that really isn't marble" in this construction zone (Rt129). I know the cops diffinately are not friendly if you are speeding so watch out. They love sitting at the bottom of all the hills especially when there is a blind curve!

krystal lynn hund
I have seen those in various sizes in numerous east TN locations.
Hope that helps.
Hi Krystal!It appears that these geodes have been seen everywhere from Payson,AZ to Bedford,IN to various places in Tennessee!I guess that they are very well-traveled rocks and that the true origins of Grandma's rock may forever remain a mystery to me!Someday I will have to explore Tennessee and Arizona for them.I have already done so in Indiana!
Keep on Rockin,Earl
Hello fellow rockhounds,
I'm also a Ct. resident who collects here. Never saw any geodes from Ct. I lived in SE Iowa before I caught the rock bug 30+ years ago and wish I had been a collector then since there were lots of geodes there. I bought a cabin on the Skunk river that had a 6ft. long fireplace made out of split geodes that was built in the forties. As far as collecting in Ct., I used to collect some very large, beautiful, sometimes gem smoky quartz crystals in Morris,Ct. I collect almandine garnets at Green' Farm garnet mine in Roxbury to this day. Last year I collected some very nice purple flourite crystals on white calcite crystals at the Old mine construction site in Trumbull. I am a rock blaster by trade and occassionally find something worthwhile. Glad I found the site and happy collecting!
Mike Streeter
Hi Mike - Welcome to the board!
I'm happy to have found this thread as I didn't think there were Geodes in CT, either, until...

I was in Morris, CT yesterday visting dear friends when I was presented with this small geode as a present for my mother. My friend said she was digging in her garden (this is an ancient farm as well) hit the rock and found it. She thought her shovel split it open, there is a piece missing so it makes sense.

Here is the geode:

Click above picture to enlarge.

Let me know what you think!




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