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Mike Streeter
Hey Paul,

That looks a whole lot like chalcedony in limestone and, if I'm not mistaken, it doesn't fit in with the geology of Connecticut.

Hi Paul!Maybe an ancient nomadic mineral collector passed through Connecticut on his way somewhere and left behind these "calling cards"?Maybe a glacier picked it up somewhere far from these parts?Your rock certainly looks to be a geode.I searched all of my grandmother's stonewalls,but I never found any others.She wouldn't let me dig up her flower beds,though!Maybe you shoulf offer to install some new flower beds for your friends in Morris,huh?(And check out those stonewalls!)
Keep on Geoding,Earl
Thanks guys for the reply.

I have this visual image of someone with a sack of geodes walking the old farm trails and tossing a geode here and there by the old stone walls!

I have found a couple of nice quartz rocks years and years ago. I'm going to take a couple of pictures and post them here.

I found one little rock with quartz when I was just a kid during, if I remember correctly, the 1-91 construction in Rocky Hill. First and nicest rock I've ever found!

Thanks again!

Don Robinson

I remember as I reread this post...I was supposed to send photos of the geodes from Tn. that look just like yours.

OOOPPPPs I forgot! Anyway your photos are dead ringers from what i have found in Tn as I stated. Seeing I STILL can't post photos correctly on here...I will your photos would be duplicates of what I have. A few that I refound have the muddy/rusty interiors that, looking more closely, may be a different mineral. I may have to clean them up a bit and see what they are. They appear to have blades instead of crystals.
Maybe I will send them to the Mr. Streeter and he can post them or I could make another attempt. I did it once or twice with no problem I guess I should try again.

Hi Don!I did notice that you had not posted those photos,but I just figured that you had trouble in locating your specimens.I wasn't going to bother you about them.Maybe one of these days,if my health and mental states improve,I will travel to that area in TN to look for some of your "brain rocks".Right now I am kind of overwhelmed by everything.I need a few years of collecting (my) marble(s) with Sigmund Freud!
Earl! I think Jung would be better for a rockhound.Send me an address I got your prescription!!
As promised, finally, here are pictures of the two nicest rocks I have found in CT. I would be happy to find out what they are.


Rock w/quartz found during the big I-91 dig in Rocky Hill (about 3.5 inches wide):

And I have no idea where I found this one (about 6 inches wide):

Mike Streeter
Hi Paul,

Look to me like both specimens are milky quartz (the first has a pocket where quartz crystals formed). Both have the look of being vein quartz.

My friend and others, I live 3/4's of a mile from the original posted thread of the Farm on Elm Street in Connecticut. I have been excavating,(much to the dismay of the town) in my yard,which is all ledge and of all type of glorious gems! Yes, there are more of these in are here in Monroe Connecticut.
Jack P.
My son and I find geodes exactly like the ones first pictured. They're on the North side of Lake Barkley in Kentucky.
aaron pavlick
Hi I I'm from Stamford CT now living in the North of Israel. I have found these type of geodes here in is real i was wondering if you know how the brain shape of them is formed. if you have any info plz let me know . thank you
I grew up in Voluntown, ct. When I was a teen plowing a small field for our garden I churned up a similar geode with sligtly more yellowish color. It broke when plow hit it- had pale yellow crystals.

Not certain, but the field may have once been a small Indian comunity. The field was a plateau area, on side of higher hills which surounded it on all sides except the north side where the hill decended down to a brook. There is quicksand along brook nearby.

So? Another geode found in CT.
I also have a very good sized half of a geode that looks just like a brain. Inside is a round mineral that is like a dark or medium brown which I can't seem to identify and it sits on my coffee table. Any help to Id the mineral would be appreciated. I didn't know there were others out there shaped like mine.
Don Peck
I grew up in Litchfield, Ct and collected all over the state for years.  I can't explain the objects that were found.  But I do know that Western Connecticut (also Eastern) is all metamorphic with some igneous intrusives.  The Connecticut River Valley is igneous (basaltic) and sedimentary red sandstones and shales.

That said, there are high grade dolomitic marbles in the far Northwest around Canaan and lower grade marbles (locally called limestones) farther south around Brookfield.  Whether a geode structure could have survived in the Southern area, I really can't say.  The whole area was glaciated, so any kind of rock was pushed, usually south and a bit east.
krystal lynn hund in TN
Zoe, can you post a picture?

Around here, most brown roundish minerals in geodes are some form of limonite-goethite, tho I have seen one example of smithsonite (confirmed via xray chromatography).
Krystallynn, I've just taken a picture of the mineral in the geode that I have using my IPad camera. I just have to figure out how to post it. If you wanted I could send you a picture via email using a digital photo. I really appreciate this help you're giving me.
krystal lynn hund
Zoe, try as a webhost for your pics. Their instructions are very clear and you end up with the url of your pics. 
Krystal, I went to a rock shop in Saranac Lake and he was VERY EXCITED when he saw my geode
and looked like he was ready to make an offer! He helped me to Id eight minerals I had on me. The geode is a Mexican volcanic lava geode with Calcite and is common in Mexico. I never saw anyone so excited
over a geode in my life!
Dana Bonds
Hoping to get some info. We live in North Texas,Rockwall county. Our development is built on prarie that was farm land. We got some dirt to use for fill today from a neighbor who is digging a pool. My son found a round volley ball sized rock, then another. We cracked one open and found this, it was hollow in places and had multi colored layers, some on the inner most layers have tiny crystals. It was wet inside. He found 4 total, the largest is almost double the size of a volleyball. Any insight or info is appreciated. We know it's some sort of geode, maybe a brain geode..I have more pics, but this site says they are too big to upload.

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: received_1264407116946460.jpeg, Views: 22, Size: 74.56 KB 

Bob Harman
Your pix are not easy to interpret, but the specimen looks to be a nodule or iron concretion rather than a geode.  Geodes would not be expected to be found in your area.    BOB
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