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Lisa A
In the late 60s and early 70s my friends and I found thunder eggs in Puyallup WA.  We lived in a new development 33 miles as the crow flies from Mt Rainier.  The area was very rocky and when digging out for our house and pool, huge boulders were removed.  I believe my Mother said that we were in an area that was called a lahar (?)  I wish we knew what we had found and kept some.  I think we were able to break them open with a large rock.
I just got back from my first rock hound experience digging up Thundereggs. We went to a location in Madras, Oregon called Richardson Rock Ranch. My kids are now hooked and I am looking for some good sites around Tacoma or Seattle Washington.
Hi Joel, 
Do you still dig eggs on Rainier? I haven't been geode hunting since childhood and am interested in going again with my nieces now. Could you email if you know of any good spots and are will to share [smile] 
Thanks, Ellie
Went geode digging yesterday off quartz creek off little Natchez rv. Off hi way 12. Came home with 27 lbs. of geodes this time. I have been there several times in the last mth. each time with around twenty plus lbs. of geodes. I cut them open . Most are nodules, but a few are geodes. These have very small crystals inside. Most have veriable shades of blue and white solid mass. I am new at this rock hounding stuff. (6 mths). But having lots of fun.would be better if I had somebody to go with. and safer. I have found one nodule or (thunder egg) that was about 3.5" black with a clear band through it. The digging site is somewhat hard to get to the way I go. Straight up the side of the mt. To near the top. Although there is a trail comes down from the top. But I have not found any other roads closer than the one I use. And it is a steep climb for about 1/4 mi. But well worth it when you get there. It,s an old dig. And lots of holes some quite large. But I have found eggs in every one that I dug in. Size of dime to cantaloupes most golf ball to baseball size. I would say that there is more than enough for everybody to enjoy. Hi way 12 to little Natchez river turnoff to fsr.1901 to fsr 723 to the end of rd. and uphill. Enjoy

We are going to Mt. Rainier this weekend and would love directions on places to hunt for geodes.  I'm kinda new to it and my 10 year old has caught the rockhounding bug.  He and his cousins would love to spend some time at it.  If anyone has suggestions on where to try, please feel free to email me
adam b
My fiancee and I ate going to redtop tomorrow and Saturday. Hoping to find geodes. I know they are up there but any extra hints would be appreciated.
Morey B
I also live in the spokane area and go geode hunting out west Ellensburg area.. there is a awesome rock group in Spokane you can join look them up [smile]
Bob Harman
I fondly remember my 5 years of living in Spokane from 1971 - 1976. That was during the 1974 World's fair along the river and my formative years of mineral field collecting. I didn't have much free time as I was busy at Sacred Heart Med Center (at first Sacred Heart Hospital), but I did manage to collect and purchase a few Washington State specimens. But, never collected any Washington State "thundereggs".

One of our neighbor's family owned some land near Goldendale so we collected petrified wood and quartz varieties on the scrubland around there. Still have those. Then the Daybreak uranium mine near Mt Spokane had just closed so I bought a nice autunite specimen which I still have. Then I heard of a malachite occurrence NE of Newport. It was on a remote logging road on the Washington/Idaho border. Very easy to collect; I still have the few collected from there and wish I had gone back again as I am sure there were many more really nicer malachite and azurite specimens to be found. Finally, shortly after I moved back East, there was the great pyromorphite discovery at the Bunker Hill mines in Kellogg Idaho. I contacted a mining company acquaintance  in that area and now have several really top notch examples from there.

Those were good times before nice specimens got so pricey and many sites were closed to field collectors.    BTW, I lived on the North side near Five Mile.    BOB
Jordan Kintner
Went up to Red Top yesterday poking around. I wish I would have looked in the streams and the tree roots/stumps more because I didn't realize they can be found commonly there.

My report is that there is a TON of FLINT up there. So if you want a fire wheel have at it. I did find some quartz which was cool and Maybe an opal or some yellow gem inside one of the rocks I cut open. There still is snow melting up there as of yesterday, although its very hike able/low level on the ground (no big drifts).

Hard to find roundish oval rocks that could be thundereggs though. BUT on the plus side- the view is spectacular as is the environment of the woods. Waterfall creeks from snow run off, pristine spruce and pine forests. Can't ask for better view/natural beauty. It's worth a trip just for that. 

Tabitha Eldridge
My boyfriend and I are from Tacoma and have been from here to California,and all over the Puget sound rockhounding. We would like to check out the mountain, but have no idea where to even start. He has never found a thunder egg and that is my goal. Any help, detailed directions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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