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I live in Madison Indiana and would love to have info on geodesic and fossil hunts.
Steve - I known this is an oldie thread and I'm taking a chance on you seeing this. We kayak on the Blue River quite a bit, and have found some wonderful stuff. But I think we would like to take a trip with you and learn all we can. My email is if you wouldn't mind to email me. Thank you so much
Thank you..
Easiest way to crack your geodes at home is with a pipe cutter, it's basically a chain that goes around it and you twist one part and the pressure breaks them nicely in half. I found some geodes in red clay in Livingston, look for areas people had to dig up dirt, then go through their dirt pile or "tailings" if you're allowed. I find agates at dale hollow.
Bob Harman
One of the best ways to open geodes is as JESSE mentions, with a chain type pipe cutter. But it does have its limitations. The pipe cutter is good for round or nearly round geodes of medium size. It is not only good for Kentucky geodes, but Indiana geodes, Keokuk geodes and, especially, most Mexican geodes.

It cannot be used on the occasional very odd shaped geode, the occasional very large beach ball size geode, or geodes still in the surrounding limestone (or other) matrix.

In these cases other methods to open them might be used.   The easiest and most common way is just to evaluate each individual example and then tap it in the proper area(s) with a hammer until a hairline crack is created. Insert a putty knife or screw driver and twist or tap the screw driver again with the hammer and then twist till the geode opens.  Opening geodes by this method starts by trial and error but becomes an art thru experience.....knowing how hard to tap and where it might be best to tap is learned by experience after opening many many examples.
Using a rock splitter in the proper area(s) of the geode might be helpful, especially where the geode is surrounded by matrix.

Hope this helps.       BOB
Hi, Is Steve still doing trips in the Indiana/OH/KY areas?  We live a little outside of Cincinnati, and are new to searching on our own for Geodes and other things. I have been collecting for quite some time, and just recently my 8 year old daughter acquired my love of rocks as well. [smile]  We would love to join on a trip!  We home school and it would be a fantastic opportunity for both of us to learn.  

Hi Angelia

Drop me an email at
I'll put you in touch with your guide.
Steves still going on trips with people but not sure hiw much longer he will be able to as he has some health issues hes being trialled with.

He likes collecting and teaching like the rest of us like breathing.

Anyone trying to reach him just drop me an email and i will forward it to him...
Russell Ryan of Pennsylvania, you emailed me off line about info on Kentucky geodes...would be happy to provide you information if you can provide me with an email addy for you that works. the one you emailed me from, did not work, I tried to contact you back at that email addy on two different email accounts, both bounced back to me as non deliverable. 

James from Hopkinsville, I live in Dixon ky, we have a group that gets together to hunt. Look me up on Facebook and I'll help you find places or you can join us some time. Jill Gentry from Dixon.
Johnny Glass
Hello steve os there places in Lexington to find good minerals
In case anyone is curious about Steve Garza, I'm saddened to inform you his failing health has him benched for the foreseeable future due to a stroke a couple weeks after my last post.

He is recovering in Lexington rehab center wish him luck.
John Gosper
I live in th Lexington area and I don't know of any places I would like to know where would be the closet and best place to look for geodes
J Stom
Is there anything we can do for Steve?
Would like to contact Steve Garza for information about going on a geode hunt.
Bob Harman
I do not know the very latest, but STEVE G has been in severely declining health for at least the past 6 months. I don't expect that he will be taking folks on hikes or even posting any more.....
If I see any updates, I  will let MIKE S know about it and the latest will be posted.   BOB
Sherry Nason
I am new to KY I live in elizabethtown , my daughter who has a mild form of autism loves to hunt for rocks, is thear any place near etown that we could find geodes

most of the geodes found in central Kentucky in relation to E-Town are about a two hour drive south of you toward Lake Cumberland, found in creeks and on farms in that area. I know of a location where you can readily find some in the Eubank area, which by google earth maps, is a 2 hour drive south of you, at a horse farm. Email me off line and I can provide you with the contact information on the owners who are receptive to small groups of rockhounds collecting on their property, as long as you give them a day or two notice, so they can move their horses around. 

my email addy is

James [smile]
near St Louis
hello Nicole. I recommend also if your ever in the land between the lakes area to check out lake barkley. I have found ALOT of geodes there . went out today for a few minutes and found 16.  all quarts but still pretty. I have also found many fossils and other types of geodes. some amethyst (surprised ) and some im not sure what they are. but I also collect them just for their beauty.
Do you still do geode guides?
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