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Hey Steve, what is your email address? I'd like to get some info from you
I love collecting geodes and fossils! I'm in Boyle co Ky. (Danville). I'd like to go rock hunting if anyone is interested!
Sapphire Sue
I heard about a place in Kentucky that raises horses (I think?) and sometimes lets people come by and collect geodes from their fields.   Has anyone here ever heard of it, or better yet been there?  Are the geodes nice?  Do you know if they still let people come by?  All I remember is that it was somewhere in Kentucky, south-central-ish, maybe, they had horses, and if you call them a few days in advance they could move horses around so you could access the pasture that had geodes.  I've never seen any geodes collected from there, though, so I don't know anything about how they compare with keokuk geodes or anything about what they look like.  Anyone know anything about this place?  TIA
steve??Love love love rocks and would like to find some geodes. Coming to Kentucky may 17 -20. Do you charge to rockhound with you?
Bob Harman
I will repeat my earlier post about STEVE G.    While I have not heard anymore since about the first of 2017, Steve was in seriously failing health.   I do not believe he is doing geode trips and I have not even seen where he has posted on any of the websites.
If I hear anything new, I will post it.       BOB 
Hey Steve! We are planning a trip to indiana, Kentucky to rockhound...we would love to go on a trip with you! What's your contact info??
Robert do you know anyhing more or just go to this county and stuble around ,Estillcoubty
We should get a few of us together and do a hunt!
Bob Harman
At the just concluded Cincinnati rock show I asked several folks about the latest with STEVE G.     The consensus is that he is now home after his major stroke and subsequent rehabilitation. He apparently has significant residual disabilities.       I hope this is all accurate and we should wish him well. BOB
Tommie Cliff
Just moved to Shelbyville and have been hitting a bunch of different parks! Went of the trails at Beckley Creek Park found a dried up Creek and found some pretty cool crystals broke open [smile] Bob would you possibly be down to go adventuring together or anyone else<3? Email is hope everyone is having a radiant day!
Steve hope you best at your recovery <3
My husband is a new rockhound and is using it for good vs evil by creating a beautiful landscape in our tiniest of front yard using rocks and fossils he's found.  So...I'm trying to be a good wife and find him a place where he can really find some amazing rocks/gems/fossils.  We live in the Cincinnnati area and would love some info on mining in Marion,Ky, or anyone we can contact to hunt on their property.

Thanks,  Joy

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: yard.jpg, Views: 35, Size: 116.13 KB 

Hey! I love all the good info on this site! I am planning to visit KY with my girlfriend for some camping/backpacking. We really want to find some geodes while we are there. Can someone message me a good campsite that would allow close hiking access to a plentiful area?

And if anyone is doing guiding in the KY area, please let me know. I would love to schedule with you between the 19th-22nd.
UPDATE: we are going to stay at the Army corp of engineers campsite waitsboro. Where should we check in this area?
Jason W
Hi all! This forum is an awesome resource, thanks for having it!

I see this thread has been alive for some time. My family is from Western Pennsylvania, and we love hiking and rockhounding. We will be visiting some friends in Lousiville KY the second weekend of August. I've seen the comments about general areas to find geodes. We'd be willing to travel out to the Green River or Kentucky River area, whichever has the better chance for rocks. But is it better to be up in the tributaries or near some main channel bends?

We are open to go wherever to find them. Does anyone have any location info, or contacts for landowners who may be willing to let a family search on their property for a day? I'm happy to contact whoever, but I could really use some starting possibilities. 

Thanks in advance!
- Jason
Jerry Egleston
I am trying to locate places i can hunt rocks here in ky. Someone told me you can no longer gather at Halls Gap. Is that true? Is there other places available. Went to a fluorite a couple of times years ago over close to danville but i understand they have it closed up now. There was some beautiful stuff in there .
Bob Harman
The HALL's GAP locality is now extinct. I have not seen anything found from that locality in about 25+ years now. See my history of this Kentucky site in my posting from 12/30/2016 on a thread started by EARL (page 3, near the top of that page).

I am not sure of the DANVILLE Fluorite locality, but have not seen any new examples from that locality in, at least, the past several years. For fluorite you might go to the Ben Clement Museum in Marion Ky and also go on their next dig. Check out their website for more info.

Then there are also several lakeshore and creek bed sites for geodes.   Look thru the Kentucky postings on this website for more info on these sites.     BOB

Hall`s Gap is closed to collecting these days, after the state widened the highway there, the bluff where collecting went on is now about three feet from the edge of the roadway and therefore not safe at all, plus despite that being a straight stretch for the most part, albeit a very steep pitched hillside, there are many accidents there as well and there is no safe parking nearby nor a shoulder to speak of either. The County and State Highway Dept closed it to collecting a few years ago. 

The Danville location became off limits to collectors a few years ago, when a few morons decided not to follow the simple rules laid down by the manager and one even damaged property and basically stole material that was off limits and on display only. 

Creeks and rivers in the area of Stanford are full of geodes but those stretches are privately owned and permission should be gained from those property owners before attempting to walk in and start picking up geodes.  I have contacts in the Eubank and Danville area with creeks that run through their property, give me a shout off line by clicking on my name and emailing me, and I will provide the information I have. 

Hi everyone I will be in Louisville, Ky for 3 months and was wondering if anyone had any good info on the area or 2-3 hour drive from Louisville. Im just a hobbyist and love hunt. I'm not sure if you can become a member of this page/forum but did not see an option. Also I was wondering if anyone gets together for hunts or knows of people/groups that do. I would love to join and help anyway I can. Thank you in advance and sorry for jumping into your forum. Thank you Nick.
Jamie holmes
I'm not sure how to contact Steve. We are in the area this Weeknd from today till sunday. We will be at Loretta Lynns Ranch playing music for a festival. We are huge rock hounds and are very interested in flourite and anything super sparkly!! Lol love geodes and quartz of all kinds! We currently are driving over the Mississippi and Ohio. Any places between here and Loretta Lynns ranch in hurricane mills TN? Or with in an hour to two drive from our route or her ranch? Any quick advice would be super awesome and much appreciated! Thank you so much!

Jamie Rocks
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