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I spent the day at LBL today looking over several of the beaches with no luck at all. I may just have to make a weekend trip a little further east to do some searching. Far West KY just does not have enough geodes. There are a few people in Paducah and Mayfield area that have found some but are few and far between.
hi I live in daviess county,ky on daniels ln how do i find geodes in my backyard
Mike Streeter

According to the geology of your area, you should not be able to find any geodes in your backyard.   You'll have to travel to where there are geodes.

Hi everyone im new. Idk where im suppose to post. But here it goes. Where can i find more informationabout hunting geodes i looked for a fourm but cannot find one. My question is what do you need to beable to geode hunt? I read somewhere that there is a season and you have to have a permit is this true. Also i live in kentucky what kind of rock is a geode formed out of and where would my best chance to find one at, near water side of mountains? Thanks everyone
Steve G.
Dear Edward;

You'll see many posts on this forum by & about me; send me an e-ml & I'll send some info, or, arrange a trip w/you.

Your friend, Steve
My family is visiting Bloomington, IN and Louisville, KY at the end of March and would like to do some geode/fossil hunting. We are new to the process. I see that in some of the posts from a few years ago, there were plenty of places to do this, but now, most are restricted. Anyone know of any easily accessible and still legal places to collect? We are not hardcore so do not have tons of equipment or any   practical knowledge (just what we've read).

Steve G., I emailed you!

Had a wonderful time geode/mineral/fossil hunting with Steve G.

Thanks Steve! We wouldn't have known where to start without you!

Hello I live in ohio almost in KY I researched almost and ever were I looked they said geods are not in ohio so I lost hope but one day I actually found one do you guys know any good places around me ?
Hello all, I live in northern Kentucky, Carroll County, I have been looking for a place to find geodes and fossils. I am looking for a place close by, no more than 50 miles away in any direction. When I was a child my great aunt had hundreds of geodes in all sizes, she used them as an edging around her flower beds. After she passed away my uncle sold all of her geodes, this all happened before I was old enough to appreciate them. But I believe she collected the rocks locally, I've just not been able to locate where this was.
Does anyone know where I could find these rocks in my area? If you do please let me know. Also I am interested in joining a geo club if there is one close.
What is the best way to cut or break geodes open?


Steve Garza
Dear Andrew;

    Read my many entries; I can help.

Your friend, Steve
Andrew - Believe Steve. He CAN help. We just got back from our 2nd trip in the last year with Steve. We drove over 1000 miles round trip so Steve could take us collecting. To say it is well worth the time is an understatement. I have never met such a knowledgeable person on rocks and minerals in my life. What a great time.
Steve. Can i go with you sometime? Im in hopkinsville ky
Steve G

    Sent you an e-mail.

Your friend, Steve
Jill Gentry
I have been picking up rocks for years, but just started hardcore hunting this past summer on my own. I am planning my first group dig for this spring in marion ky. I have picked up buckets full of geodes in Tennesee, but am having a hard time identifing other finds. Would love to join one of your trips Steve G.
Steve G
Dear Jill;

    Simply do what others have done - left click on my name & send me an e-mail; that way I get your e-addy, to send you some usefull/interesting stuff, to help you decide WHERE & WHEN we will go. Just be ready for an "info deluge", for a couple e-mails. I send you some trip questions, a puzzle pic letter, then a "links letter", which has all sorts of good info on it, as well as the answer to the puzzle pic. Your responses to the first 2 letters help BOTH of us.

Your friend, Steve
i have found them by the bucket load on Dale Hollow Lake, not far from the Stae Park Lodge by boat.

I think geodes are the coolest things to find while boating @ Dale Hollow Lake.

I live in Shelby County KY & loveto fossil hunt in my yard.

Our fireplace is made up of fossilized rock from our property, so cool!

Happy Rock Hounding all !
Hello, We live in Clarksville TN and would love for someone to introduce us to the world of rock and fossil hunting in the surrounding area.  I have two small kids and would love to expose them to such a great hobby.  Thank you   --- Chris
Angela mion
Hey geodemasters,

By bf and I are on a day trip to mammoth cave. We've seen so many places on the side of the road about geodes for sale and we would live the adventurous opportunity on hunting for our own. Do you know some sweet places or some helpful tips on how to find any?
Adam C
Find a back road around the counties of Madison, Estill, Powell, Lee, Rockcastle, and Lincoln. Geodes and agates and petrified wood galore in most parts of them. Ask landowners for permission. Some areas are public and you can do anything you want, if you're willing to get dirty. This is not a good time of year because of five-six foot tall weeds and ticks and mites. Late Fall and warm Winter days and early Spring is your best chance looking for anything worthwhile. 

Don't go swimming in creeks. I went a week ago, got sick. My body's dried up from loss of fluids. Just a tip.

Wear tall boots or waders that are water resistant. Bring supplies to excavate, as I always bring a hammer and a bucket.
James 2
Recently retired Soldier in the Rineyville, Ky area and I am looking for places to do some Geode, Mineral, Gemstone, and Fossil hunting.  I have a fairly decent collection, with a few pieces that I can not Identify. Would like to get with Steve and plan a trip to so a hunt.  I am in college fulltime, Tuesdays and Thursdays, but M,T,F,S,S I am available.

Steve, I sent you an email asking for information earlier today, could you talk with me and hopefully plan a trip or send me in the right direction.

I greatly appreciate any information.

Thank you in advance

James 2
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