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Steve G.
Says you posted this 4 hrs ago; I never got your e-mail. Try again. I'm tripping people THIS weekend. Get ahold of me, soonest (TONIGHT). After collecting with me, one day, you'll have better than a "decent collection".
james 2

I send you an email on this site and also your other email address.   I am standing by hoping to hear from you about the hunt.

J 2
where in danville ky can i find geodes
anyone on the message boards

actually over toward Stanford along the Green River is a better place to pick some up, just be sure to obtain permission from the landowners whose land fronts the river there, wouldn`t want to hear of someone being arrested or shot at for trespassing down there. any of the creeks in the area would be the same way, but should be treated the same, obtain permission first from the landowner. 

if you are willing to drive about 25 minutes south of Stanford, I can give you information for a horse farm that allows rockhounds to come get as many geodes as they want. they just need a day or two advance notice so they can move their horses around and accomodate the rockhound(s). It`s located near Eubank, Kentucky. 

James [smile]
In desperate want to go on a geode dig in KY, anybody have info?
Larry C
I am in spencer co and was wondering if you could tell me if there are geodes in spencer and also around southern grayson co?
Steve G.
Dear Larry;

    Both counties are in the KY "geode zone"; Grayson more than Spencer.

Your Friend, Steve
John d
Are any spots in Logan muhlenburg or Todd county to find geodes steve?? I see around creeks are best
Steve G.
Dear John;'

    Sorry about the delay, but, the snowstorm has given me a break, before the weekend, to answer; about the only silver lining to this cloud! Anywho, you're at the extreme limit to the KY geode range, &, most of those geodes will be in shaley limestone. To be honest, the geodes from there are going to be HARD to find, as they tend to be very thin shelled; this means, that after they've been eroded out of the rock, they can only travel a short distance down a stream, before they're crumbled to pieces. That's why, in your case, it's not likely you'll find ANY, near a stream. Of note is the fact, that the bearing layers also seem to be well away from streams, or, are beneath the layers you're walking on. Look at roadcuts & outcroppings, about 300 ft. from a stream/river; you'll have better results. Be sure to have landowners permissions to do this, &, pull WELL off the road, before investigating roadcuts & cliffs.

Your friend, Steve
My mom is visiting in April from AZ. I live in Lexington, KY but am interested in taking her and a friend Geode hunting. Any advice or directions to some creeks to search. Thanks in Advance.
James, the horse farm you mention above about Geode hunting; do you think they would allow a group of 3. If so I may be interested in contacting them. I don't have a 4WD if that makes a difference.
This summer I'll be spending a week at Nolin Lake in KY and would love to find geodes somewhere other than a museum gift shop! Is Nolin Lake a good place to find geodes? If not, is there some place in that near area that would be good for hunting?

I've never gone before and will likely have to drag some complaining family members along with me, so specific directions or locations would be really appreciated!
I'm in barren county. I remember finding a ton as a kid around beaver creek. We still own property on the creek and frequent it a lot. Just finding small ones at the moment. Any ideas on where to locate larger geodes. Also does bigger = larger/clearer crystal formation or are those different types of geodes entirely? Thanks guys.
Mike Streeter

From my experience, size isn't an indicator of crystal clarity.  The quality and variety of minerals in geodes found in place depend on the geologic environment in which they formed.  I've seen geodes no bigger than a quarter in diameter with clear quartz crystals and larger ones up to a couple feet across full of milky-white poorly formed quartz crystals.

Mike Streeter

Check out

Bev C
I would like to take my son geode hunting in Estill County, KY but not sure how to get the right permission and where exactly to go. Any contact information available for a local rockhound who might be willing to help us out.
There are geodes galore in Shepherdsville, KY.
I was there this past weekend visiting an old cemetery and found hundreds of them in a dried up creek bed.
Hi.  I am from extreme eastern Ky in a VERY small town, Ashland, KY.  Someone asked previously if there was ANYWHERE near here that geodes or other stones might be found, and no one gave any answer. I have collected rocks for years, and have many.  However, after moving back here to help my mom several years ago - there doesn't seem to be much located around "smalltownville."  So............. would someone please answer this question??  IS THERE anywhere anyways close to here that I can hunt geodes or other natural, pretty stones?  I'm on a limited budget - so can't go hundreds of miles.  Please....anyone?  Love this hobby.
Steve G
    Sorry to say, but, unless you've access to a quarry, the simple answer is no; unfortunately, you're located in a very mineral poor area & your resources insure you won't be traveling to any locales, any time soon.

    Here's a question: if you look/ask around a bit, don't you think you might find someone else, who's interested in geodes/minerals/fossils? From various posts, there are several around your area, who do; would those previous posters please respond to this query/thread. Once you get to know one or a few, why don't y'all plan on contacting me, THEN; my trips are nothing short of great. That way, y'all can split expenses - making a trip none could make, alone; PLUS, y'all have each others company, both ways. The phrase, "can't travel hundreds of miles" is almost true, just to reach the 1st geode/mineral area, so, this may be y'alls only way.

Your friend, Steve
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