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Hi Steve. I will be going thru Kentucky early in August to look for geodes, agates and whatever else shows up. Would love to go with you if possible. Thinking of Green River Lake, but open to ideas. I dig crystals at Ron Coleman mine in Arkansas about five months annually. Stay at the rv park there. Can help you if you go down there.
Steve G.
    Although I've stopped adding my e-mail addy to the replies, going back to any of them on previous pages on ANY thread dealing with geodes, will send you to my mailbox; you need to do this, to send me, FIRST, an e-mail, so I can reply & send necessary info directly to you, &, bcs if you're serious enough to send me an e-mail, you might be serious enough to make a trip.

    If any wish to tell him what he's in for, feel free to add to this.

Your friend, Steve
Dale - Don't miss out on going on a trip with Steve. Follow his advice and you will have an experience that can't be beat. Just read what we all have to say about his trips earlier in this thread. Go. Learn. Enjoy.
diane goodall
Husband and I looking for a trip to hunt geodes.
Is there any good geo spots near or around Nicholasville ky cause my dad used to go along time ago but he's had some strokes and stuff and he would like to try to get back in it I think it would really lift he's spirits thanks in advance
Matthew Morgan
Hello I would like to know some more about you and your services I am a fellow rock hunter I have collected arrowheads my whole life and have just started to collect geodes if you could get back with me through my email it would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance
I live in Bullitt co ky,I started deer hunting a new farm and noticed a lot of huge round rocks,I brought one home put in a press and broke in half it is full of crystals,are they worth anything?some are the size of basketballs and are very heavy.And when I say a lot I mean you could fill the back of a pick up truck and a trailer,and if they are worth anything how would I go about selling?

If you search the web you can find geodes that have worth and sell for 500$. . . That said those that sell for that kind of money are far and few. Geodes are valued by collectors if they have secondary minerals present not just a quartz rind with quartz crystals. Now the more rare the secondary minerals and the nicer the appearance or presentation the higher the value in addition having a known location can help with marketing...  The more probable answer you are likely looking for is a quartz geode with nice size (something that can be held in the hand) that is symmetric, hollow, and cut (and polished) can be sold online, book stores, rock shops, head  shops, new age shops, farmers markets, etc. . . for 5-20$ depending on the look and your salesmanship.

Usually the heavier ones aren't worth picking up (hollow is light).
Amanda bolin
Hey I am in the creek rock business, and I come across tons of geodes, I found a really big one probly about 15 to 2o lbs it's really pink, I don't know exactly what kind it is[smile] I have collected a lot of really big ones over the years. I have so many that I need to sell them,I also have some really nice fossils. Does anyone know who I should contact?
Sandra woody
Steve Garza, how do I contact you? I would like to take the kids and grandchildren out.
Geodes get cut great with a pipe cutter, best ones are, were for older metal pipes. A chain circling geode tighten up and it works into rind you'll feel it and they lay open , maybe with a screwdrivers little help
It works professional and is great..some videos are in Rockhounding trunk sales..Lighthouse Education is geode folk trunksales is fb group look it up
William Wilhelm
My 7 year old and I want to go on a camping "treasure hunt" ( geodes,agate,fossils) trip in July. I have see plenty of previous older post on here but wanted to know how many of you were still active. Need some help/indies on where to go. This would be the first time for both of us. Camping is not an issue for us. Just location and technique. Anyone that knows of planned trips this would be amazing.
Mike Streeter

It sounds like you are new to rockhounding.  In this case, you should check out my Advice to New Rockhounds web page at

Debbie B
Hi, I was just wondering if you still take "newbies" out Steve? My husband and I would love info
I can not access email addresses from this site due to surfing from a phone. Steve can you send me information if you would be available to help me in agate hunting.
Thank you
Vicki Ardisana
Hi can anyone message me about finding some or buy some for my daughters birthday party in July. I am from Clarksville as well.
Vicki Ardisana
My email is
Hello Steve, do you still go out and hunt for geodes and minerals?? I have recently become addicted! I would love to go with someone who knows what to look for and where.
James C.
I am reading through all the posts here and was wondering if someone can email with information on where/when to rock hunt. I have two boys (8 & 6) that keep asking if we can go hunt for rocks. I live in Hopkinsville and am new to the area.

Thanks in advance!
Steve, you are a popular guy. I will be in KY with my children ages 11 & 15 in a couple of weeks. Hoping to find some geodes before heading back to NC. Any suggestions on campsites or places to stay the night would be most appreciated too.
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