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Dan Kelly
Taking up on Rhonda's idea, I thought I would post a few more I have been hoarding. Enjoy!
Bodie Agate:

Chinchilla pet Wood:

Etched Rainbow Obsidian cab:

Fall Creek Jasper, "Midnight Flame":

"Green" Goldstone:

Zebra Agate? "Rock" Hammer:

And Finally, some Lookout Point Pet wood:

More Later, TTYS, KOR,
D and B Rockwerks
Tom K
WOW,,,,Twice in one day!!!

The cabs are great but the rock hammer is out of this world!!

I love rock carving and the hammer is a beauty,

Tom K
Carol Poole
Love em all,

But that etched obsidian is my fave....

Good work!

Carol Poole
jay bates
Dan, what in the world is that Bodie agate? It looks like a stuffed sausage. How did you etch the obsidian, with glass etching acid? Nicely done cabs!
Dan Kelly
Hi Tom,
Thanks for the compliments, I am about half way done with a hammer made from Biggs Jasper, stay tuned.
Thanks Carol, I thought I would try something new.
Jay, Bodie Agate, from what I was told is from OK, not sure where in OK. I got it on a trade a few years back, and finally got around to trying some. It is a breccia, with Chalcedony, (not true agate). I would guess limestone makes up the Sausage, but not sure. Has a few soft spots, must is mostly nice and solid.
The etching was done with a sand etcher, which is actually a grit etcher. A spray can with a grit holder on the end. Sort of light sand blasting. Real Quick, all of 3 seconds of spraying got that effect, less for lighter effect, longer for more effect.
Thanks everyone, KOR,
Hi Dan,

Your doing great there buddy. Keep up the great work and post some more cabs. KOR
Tom K
I think you have Bodie agate mixed up with Boley agate which comes from OK.

Virgil has collected a lot of it and was nice enough to send me some of it whick I "naturally" tumbled.

It's some pretty unique stuff!

Tom K
Dan Kelly
Hi Tom,
You are right I am sure, it probably is Boley Agate. I had traded for some probably 4 years ago, and it was never marked. Thanks for correcting me. I still have 5-6 pounds of it, definitely a different material. Thanks Tom, TTYS,
Dean D. Welter
Hi Dan, thanks for sharing your work with us! I really enjoy free-forms, kind of "outside the box" lapidary. It always seemed a shame to me to grind away parts of a beautiful stone just to make it fit a certain size or pattern. I agree with Tom K., your rock hammer is awesome!

I too would be very interested in hearing how you did your etching on the obsidian. The artistic possibilities are enormous.

Take care buddy, KOR! Dean
Hi Dean

You're making me want to get busy cabbing! Great work! Freeform is probably my favorite in cabs. You have to let the stone tell you what it wants to be. Same for carving. Every stone is unique.
The first picture is Boley Agate, most likely from near Sasakwa, OK. Named for Boley, OK. It's found in a narrow zone up to around four miles wide that runs generally north-south for approximately sixty miles. There is also a lot of pet wood found in the alluvial deposit as well.

Classic Boley Agate is brick red with white accents, and usually some clear-orange agate with red veining like this one:

Now I'm getting the urge to go Boley-huntin' again....!

Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing it with us!

Sorry Dan! How did the "e" get in there? lol

How about a tutorial on the etching? That is too cool! Looks like something I could get into!

The "sausage bits" in your Boley are Brecciated Chert. There is still debate on how or what caused the brecciation, at least for me anyhow... It's one of those enigmas the cry out for explanation...

jay bates
Dan do you have a link or a name of that etching product that you used? I do believe I have to have one of those. lol
Dan Kelly
Hi All,
I enclosed a link to a sand etching kit. I have no affilation with them. I am just showing what I have, and used.Sand Etch Kit

It is very simple, just work the stones as usual, all the way through polish, then pick the stencil you want to use. Make sure it is securely attached with tape, not covering the desired etch area. The longest part is securing the stencil, the rounder the item to be stenciled, the tougher it can be to etch. OK, stencil is secure, now go outside, or use an etching box, (We have an inflatable box with hand holes, about the size of a large pillow) And spray 90° to the surface, or directly at the etch to be done, like this spray>-->]<--Cab not, Spray>-->/<-- not at an angle. The longer you spray, the deeper the etch goes, or less spraying makes the etching lighter. The one in the picture was about 3 seconds, and I was holding it about 6" from the cab. When done, take the stencil off, and wash the cab or whatever you etched.
Some ideas for etching:
Display cabinet glass,
Front door windows,
Jars and bottles that hold your tumbled rocks
I have done several beveled glass blanks, clear, smokey, and blue.
personalize your drinking glasses,
Polished Slabs,
etc, etc.
It's called sand etching, but you are really using grit. I have not tried it with finer grits, I have been using 220, but 600 might look good. I would love to hear anyone elses ideas on etching. Feel free to ask more questions. Etching is cool, adds a whole new angle to rocks. I think the kits would be available at crafts stores.
Thanks for looking. Good Luck, it really is pretty easy.
Thanks Dan, another very cool part of the hobby I want to try. Have you tried this on fossil prep?
Dan Kelly
Hi Dean, DWS,Larry and Carl, good to hear from you. Thanks.
DWS, I like your Boley agate better than mine, love the reds.
Larry, I have never tried that on fossil prep, but sounds like something to check out. If you try it let me know how it goes.
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