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im don from las vegas nevada,, i just started to practice flint knapping and cant afford to buy the rock on ebay or online stores,was hoping some one could help out with giving me some good directions to some obsidian, chert, chalcedony, and jasper sites within a fw hundred miles of las vegas nevada to collect some for practice,,, any help would be appreciated,thank you very much,don ,please e-mail me ,,,,,,,,
George Finley
Don. We tell most who want information about your area to find a local Gem & Mineral club. They may have the information you want or may be getting ready to hunt for material you could use. Out your way will be a lot of upcoming shows and swaps where you should be able to find something.
There may be flint knappers in a local club that can help you.
Hope this helps. George Finley
I guess SE Oregon would fall within your few hundred miles limit. If I wanted an unlimited batch of obsidian to collect for knapping, I'd head to Glass Buttes west of Burns.
(See the Field Trip section at the bottom of the page in the Oregon listings.)
Sometimes once you figure in the cost of gas to drive a coupole hundred miles out and back it turns out that it's cheaper to buy your rock from a local landscaping place (flint) or pet store (obsidian), or even a rock store (all kinds).

There's a place up in Oregon that'll sell you a 20 or 30 pound box of obsidian for flintknapping for like $20 plus the USPS Flat rate fee. Quite a bargain! Check this site:

To find if there is some local to you, check

Good luck!
Found it... it's $7 plujs USPS.

Here's their ad.

"Oregon Obsidian Mix "Flintknapper Special". I've recently obtained a collection of 5+ tons of Obsidian and have no place for storage. So here's your chance to get a cheap package of glass for Flintknapping, Cutting or maybe flowerbed rock? This is a mixture of Gold Sheen, Silver Sheen, Lace, Mahogany, Etc...! Each package will vary by weight and size of pieces enclosed, however the boxes on average weigh 25 pounds and the material ranges in size from Fist size to football size. Please email me with further questions. This price is for a pre-packed box of mixed Obsidian.

The Package deal is $6.99 per box plus $8.10 Shipping"

Mike Streeter
Hi Don,

I suggest that you purchase some rockhounding books. I recommend ones for Utah, Arizona, Nevada and Southern California. I recommend "Desert Gem Trails" by Mary Francis Strong and "Rockhounding California" by Gail Butler and "Rockhounding Nevada" and "Rockhounding Utah" by William Kappele. Many sites in these books are a stones throw away from Las Vegas. A guidebook will pay for itself as soon as you find one rock worth its purchase price (thatis my only pitch for my own western North Carolina guidebook).

I also highly recommend that you join or at least visit an area rockhounding club.

Boulder City - BOULDER GEM CLUB (C) P.O. Box 60014 (89006-0014) 702-293-9853. Meetings: 2nd Wed., 7:30 p.m. (except July and Aug.), 1204 6th St.

Las Vegas - SOUTHERN NEVADA GEM & MINERAL SOCIETY, INC. (C) P.O. Box 94744 (89193) 702-642-4788; e-mail Meetings: 1st Mon., 7 p.m. (except Dec.), Senior Center, 450 E. Bonanza.

Good luck,

Here is a pretty detailed list you might want to check out

Nevada Obsidian Sites
thank you all for you comments,ive tried all local resource here in las vegas,they are nowhere near as freindly as the other folks i have run into in other states,just not a user friendly town i guess,thank agin,
thank you mike,george,herb,phil,& orygone
i really appreciate the time you all took of your your day to try and help,i ended up ordering some of that rock from the site that was given to me.. once agin,sincere thanks ,and if any of you get vegas way and have any questions .let me know ,don
The site to which you are referring is not a good place to start locating obsidian deposits. Since it for archaeology and not rockhounding, they make no distinction between chunks of obsidian picked up off the ground and obsidian deposits. Float obsidan gets to where it is through floods, faulting, etc., just like any other rock, so you aren't going to find much unless there is a large deposit nearby. In fact, I suspect that a lot of those sites are where they found cores transported by native Americans and cached for later use. There is not even float present at some of their sites that I am familiar with. I have checked out quite a few of their OR sites and for the most part they are float locations or there was nothing to be found. A very few are obsidian deposits, and I already knew about 95% of those. Stick with the Falcon Guide.
Hit the hill around Mammoth, California.  There are places there that have what you are looking for.
glass mountian tends to have ash deposits at the easy location, good knapping quality can be found, but involve about a 2 mile hike uphill. you can however knapp the low quality stuff...but expect alot of breakage.
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